Video: Interview with Lawyer Linsey Krolik, BlogHer 2008 Speaker

I met up with my friend Linsey Krolik who is speaking this week at BlogHer talking about legal issues/liabilities that bloggers may face and need to be aware. I first met Linsey back in 2001 when she was an honoree (cancer survivor) and fellow runner when I trained for my first marathon in Victoria, BC, Canada with Team In Training. These days she has her own successful business, Law Offices of Linsey Krolik, consulting to high-tech companies in the valley and recently helping bloggers understand the potential legal issues they may face. She is a blogger herself for Silicon Valley Mom’s and has great advice for the blogging community. Watch the video to learn more about Linsey and her upcoming talk at BlogHer this Friday July 18th.

Randy Ksar
rksar at yahoo dot com


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  1. Posted by Jeremiah on July 18, 2008 at 8:35 pm

    Nice interview. I also see that you have integrated the meebo chat widget into your blog.. very cool


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