Pandora now on the Chumby!

If you haven’t seen a Chumby yet then you it is the latest gadget in my arsenal. It sits right next to my bed just like my alarm clock does and it brings in feeds from all my favorite web sites such as YouTube (it plays video too), David Letterman’s top ten, and my friends Flickr feeds. I originally was looking for a digital photo frame that could display my Flickr feed and this is what I found. It has a flash widget developer community that is constantly building new apps that you can install very easily — just add them on their web site and the next time your chumby syncs with the service it will install them. Just announced this week is Pandora, the free online music streaming service and recommendation engine, on a Chumby! If you think about it, what really makes a product a hit – one really simple yet useful app that changes someone daily habit. Pandora similar to Yahoo!’s Launchcast streaming music service really streams the music that you like for free based on the music you like. Try it out at and check out the Chumby at

Pandora now on a Chumby

Pandora now on a Chumby


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