Are Social Media Experts Being Hired Outside of Marketing?

Being hired as a social media expert has increased in the past year with companies realizing the low-cost and high-value of engaging with customers and finding the influencers of their products.   One issue that hasn’t been standardized is which org/division does the social media expert get hired into: PR, product group, marketing, customer support, etc… Of course the goal for any company should be an open social media engagement standard for employees (ala but this study is more about that first person that is hired into a company.   I decided to research this phenomenom of where social media experts reside within a company by asking the question on LinkedIn Answers (a great business networking product – better for me than Yahoo! Answers).  Check out the answers to the question by going to the below url. If you work as a social media expert make sure to answer the question too. Thanks.


LinkedIn Profile

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