Brainstorming Mobile Widgets for MOTODEV Widget Developer Challenge

Calling All Widget Developers

I was brainstorming on mobile widgets that developers could make using our new development tool called MOTODEV Studio for WebUI. We’re (Motorola, my employer btw) running a mobile widget contest where you can easily build a widget using our software development tool with no previous mobile experience. If you have a web development background in html, javascript, css this tool and contest is for you.

Here are some mobile widget ideas:

  • Obvious is Twitter. Pull their data feed your favorite people to follow
  • Showcase your friend’s photo on Flickr
  • A baby feeding monitor widget which shows history of any activity and alerts you when the next time to feed is. Great for the husband at work wanting to know how his wife and baby are doing.
  • How about one to pull in a data feed of the available conference rooms?
  • Do u have any non-profit ideas? Widget that pulls data from the American Cancer Society? Location-based widget that pulls in the nearest homeless shelter that needs help? or a blood-bank that needs donations?
  • Can you use Yahoo! Pipes to come with a funky mashup of data to pull?

If you build a mobile widget using MOTODEV Studio for WebUI and enter it into our contest by December 18, 2008 you win a $250 USD gift certificate.  Over $200,000 of prizes are available as well as great exposure from Motorola.  Contest ends in February but the $250 offer for the 1st 100 people submitting widgets expire on Dec. 18!!  Learn more, read the official rules and submit your widget now!

Here is a video interview with my co-worker Francois Goldfain from MOTODEV talking about WebUI and widgets:


Questions  or comments?  LMK.


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