Charlie Rose Interview with MySpace Co-Founders Chris DeWolfe & Tom Anderson

If you ever joined MySpace your 1st friend is Tom Anderson. Listen/Watch this great interview with the founders of MySpace and Charlie Rose.

Some interesting metrics that I jotted down:

  • 18 Million MySpace Mobile users per month
  • “MySpace is a social portal that helps people discover content, culture and people” — Chris DeWolfe, co-founder of MySpace
  • Obama has over 1 MM friends on MySpace
  • MySpace is in China for the past year
  • Market Value is in the Billions
  • Murdoch was laughed at for paying to much money
  • Businesses can create profiles on MySpace now similar to Facebook Pages
  • Registered over 1 MM voters
  • MyAds launched recently (has anybody tried it?) – can spend as little as $20
  • 20 MM Small and Medium-size businesses in the U.S.
  • “I believe we do catch most of them” Chris DeWolfe — when asked whether they catch inappropriate profiles/content
  • Tom Anderson plays World of Warcraft, Xbox Live, Wii (Charlie Rose asked what the Wii was..oh my Charlie)
  • MySpace has all the shows from nbc, fox, all shows produced by Sony, and all music videos.


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