Online Community Forum – March 19/20 Sonoma, Ca

Online Community Forum

Next week I’ll be going to the online community forum in Sonoma, California to learn best practices from other online community managers in the industry.

Questions I have:

  • How do you keep your community engaged? Is it just content or do you need incentives?
  • What metrics are important when measuring the engagement level of a community?
  • Do you have an influencer group within your community? How is it organized, how do you provide them assets and get feedback.
  • What do you see happening in community in 2010 and beyond? Any trends you are noticing?
  • How do you convert your online community into offline community? 

Those are just a few right now that I thought of. Any questions you would like me to ask at this conference? Let me know. Add a comment below. 



2 responses to this post.

  1. Here’s a question I’m interested in:
    To what parts of the organization are insights from the community flowing? Are you funneling new ideas to product teams? Marketing teams? Customer Service? How is that critical information exchange happening?
    Do good. 🙂
    Jenny Z


    • Great questions Jenny! I hope to get some answers. How companies use user-generated content within your organization is an interesting topic. I think every company deals with it differently depending on how the culture is, how management communicates with their employees, and the enterprise community tools they have already.


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