Why you shouldn’t have a corporate blog?

I was very intrigued by a blog post on the Conversation Agent where they talked about why a company shouldn’t have a corporate blog. Of course they were just kidding and it went over some of the internal reactions that you would get from starting blogging and essentially social media within your company. Here are my favorites:

  • You get part time results for part time efforts – been a victim of this before, you gotta put in a lot of effort to write the posts and engage with your community. If you don’t then they won’t.
  • You publish only “perfect posts” – blogs are meant to cover timely information especially in the age of social networks and instant communication and sharing with your contacts.  Quality lowers of course but the content is valuable.
  • You think it’s a marketing job to write and edit the posts – the key to corporate blogging and social media is letting readers behind-the-scenes of a company and getting to know personal brands instead of corporate brands. Of course, there is a mix of the two but personal brands are key to introducing within a blog.

Do you have any other experiences from corporate blogging and social media? Any do’s and don’ts that you would like to share?  Post a comment.



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