Patience in Building an Online Community

These days companies equate building a community (online or offline) as easy as building a web site. Unfortunately, they are incorrect. It takes times, planning, and numerous other factors that are beyond your control. Here are some tips in building your community and knowing full-well it isn’t going to happen overnight:

  • Say hi once and a while.  Especially on Facebook and Twitter don’t just overload their news feeds with corporate promos / mktg messages. Be a real person!
  • Highlight a community member and the work he/she is doing. That person will appreciate and talk about your brand on his/her blog, twitter acct, facebook, etc…
  • Internally evangelize community learnings within your company.  Let people know what you are doing and know how they can take part in this new type of communication.
  • ask yourself is content more important than quality. Do you need a nice HD camera and spend the time rendering or do you just need a small Flip or Kodak camera and get your video up on your YouTube channel as fast as possible.
  • Have a real conversation with one of your community members. Give them a call and  hear what they have to say in ways in which  your community and product can be improved.
  • and finally it isn’t about how many fans you have, # of followers, how many registered on your site, but about how many are engaged and interact with you.  If you’re product launch is 2 years from now start building your community now step by step, fan by fan, follower by follower.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by greeninsights on March 12, 2010 at 9:26 pm

    Thanks for the reassurance that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Building community online is effortless in the sense that you can communicate with numerous people collectively rather than trying to stay in touch offline individually. Yet, it’s a type of communication that doesn’t seem to readily equate into personal and professional success.


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