Return of the Ducks and why I never had that excitement at my college

I went to San Jose State University and never got excited about the sports teams there especially football. The football team was actually in my speech class and that was always entertaining. However, never went once to a football game and I think the only sports team I ever saw was the soccer team which was ranked #2 in the nation at the time (1998-99). Other division 1 football schools such as Oregon have an amazingly enthusiastic fan base as seen from the video below and actually got me psyced up to drive up to Oregon but it didn’t fit in my schedule.

Watch the video below which I know will go viral soon. I started seeing it at 300 views but by the time Monday comes around I believe it will be above 25K.

Question for all of you, do you think social media is a great way to increase your fan base at college sports? Have you seen other schools do a good job of using social media to get students and alum excited about the football or whatever sport team? Comment below. Look forward to the discussion.


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  1. Posted by Laura on November 4, 2010 at 4:03 pm

    I DO think that social media can be an effective means of whipping the fan base into a frenzy…if it is done right. The University of Oregon does things very right (as in the case of this video and all the accompanying shirts that go along with “I Love My Ducks”), but it also helps a great deal that they are an exceptionally, exceptionally strong football program with a ton of personality. They have Phil Knight outfitting them with a new uniform every game, they have a great mascot, and Oregon doesn’t have a professional football team to distract the fan base, so Oregonians go CRAZY for the Ducks and the Beavs.

    All in all, I think that other universities (and fans of the football teams from other universities) can go far by stepping out of the mold. I’m actually a Cal Berkeley alum and Cal utilizes social media, but in the typical, expected manner. Ho hum. I went to grad school at Stanford, and I also have some interest in their sporting programs. They used the “What’s Your Deal?” promotion for fans who wanted to select a attend any three of their home games that was very clever. For more on the “What’s Your Deal?” reference, check out the highlights from last year’s Stanford-USC football game. Classic.

    So, yes, tons of potential and power…if a school knows how…and when to use it!


  2. Posted by Rick Upton on August 24, 2012 at 7:38 am

    Hi Randy,

    Here is a pretty cool vid with a different vibe for San Jose State’s homecoming in 2011:

    And here are a couple of vids put together by San Jose State to promote the 2012 season:

    I was fortunate to have gone to SJSU starting in 1987 and graduating in 1992, because during that period I got to see some of the best SJSU teams in history (especially 1987 when SJSU was 10-2 and beat both Cal and Stanford, and 1990 when SJSU was 9-2-1 and won the Cal Bowl). Unfortunately when you went to SJSU, the program was at a pretty low point, both competitively and academically. The program is now on an upswing on both fronts: The NCAA has cited SJSU as a model football program for turning around academics, and SJSU was very competitive last season for the first time in years.

    Check out a game this year–to see the most school spirit, try the homecoming game on October 13 vs. Utah State.


  3. I am an SJSU grad from the 60’s and it was a great time because SJS was not a commuter school and the stands were full for the Football games. I also have suffered through many years of disappointment since. However, I have a great feeling about the current administration and am confident SJS is on the way back in Football. What bothers me is the Alums that bad mouth the school where they were fortunate enough to get a quality education.


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