Facebook Fan Appreciation

image Keeping your fans engaged with social content is time
consuming but once the process is there within your team you make it
work. However, one issue that I see time and time again is you have
a strategy to get more fans to like your page but how do u make
them feel special and heard? Here are a few tips that I recommend
from not only managing several fan pages but liking many:

3.Create exclusive content and promotions for
your fb fan page. Don’t make it seem like you use a tool to send
out status updates to 5 social networks at once. Give your fans a
reason to like your fan page vs going to your website.

2. Treat your fans as evangelists of your brand. They
liked you for a reason and are liking your content that you post.
Feature them as a fan of the week and promote something that they
are are doing. Perhaps they are volunteering at a non-profit over
the weekend or launching a new a product. The most engaging status
updates are those that spark emotion and show the true spirit of
the community.

1. Do the unexpected and
surprise your fans with a real communication and listen to their
feedback/comments/questions. Once a month select someone to talk to
and hear why they are are a fan and what your company can do better
even better send them a gift package of some company swag (as
pictured above from the Four Seasons Lanai Facebook fan page).

Above all, your fb community needs to
continually evolve and can only happen from your fans and you
putting in the time and effort.

What do u
think of this blog post? comment below or tweet @djksar


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