I Voted for SXSW Panel on Google+ Hangouts w/ @sarahmido

I love how Google+ Hangouts brings a sense of authenticity and real-time to people’s social status updates. Whether you are on your smartphone or tablet, you can start broadcasting to the world and sharing the news from your location. One industry that has seen tremendous benefit is the news broadcasters. It adds a human, conversational touch that is so used to traditional broadcasters reading the teleprompters. Sarah Hill is one of the first (that I know) who started using Google+ Hangouts live on the news broadcast that she is apart of in Missouri. She curates content from those around the world – whether it is topic experts or just those that happen to be on location tuned into her Google+ Hangout. Really fascinating use of technology that turns a local, traditional news broadcast out of Missouri into one that has a global reach.

Sarah Hill and a few of her counterparts have submitted a panel at the awesome SXSW festival in Austin, Texas to share best practices on creating a hangout, moderating the discussions, and curating content. She needs our help in making it onto the official agenda – Vote for her panel at http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/7485 , create your account and click “thumbs up” on the panel on G+ Hangouts as your Free TV Station.

I voted! Did you?

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