New Video: #socialmedia Marketing Hangout Episode 5

Joining me this week was Alexia Nielsen from (@odesk on Twitter).  She is the social media manager managing all the social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. Odesk provides a platform to find contractors of all types throughout the world – whether you need social media marketing help or web engineering help odesk is the place to go. Companies can find the contractor, get bids and pay thru the platform as well as contractors can create a profile so companies can find them.

The agenda for episode focused on the following topics:

  • Odesk demo (3:02) – Alexia’s gives us a demo of Odesk. Questions we answered: How does Odesk provide? Does it manage the payments? How much does it cost? How can contractors use it?
  • Hootsuite Conversations (7:10) – new tool from Hootsuite to allow internal collaboration of your social mentions. Questions we answered: What problem does it solve? How do companies deal with internal social collaboration now? What are the pros and cons  of using the tool?
  • The new James Bond movie Skyfall and the movie website (19:19) – Coming out in the U.S. on November 9th this appears to the best Bond movie yet! Questions we answered: How did the movie website incorporate social within their user experience?
  • Beats by Dre cover photo promotion (28:45) – New promotion launched recently which I’ve been seeing a lot of press about and other companies doing. Questions we answered: Does this help with brand engagement with the current fans or does it only bring in new ones? Does their need to be an incentive?  How do you track the performance/ROI of this campaign?
  • Interscope’s redesigned website incorporating social feeds of artists (37:00) – We took a look at the design and feeds from Lady Gaga’s Interscope artist page. Questions we answered: What value does this bring to the artist’s website?  Do fans visit the record label website? How can this social design be applied towards other industries?
  • New online live event blogging tool from (45:00) – I gave a demo of Blyve showcasing the moderator tools, polling tools, video integration and the user experience. Questions we answered: How do companies manage all the social conversations during a live event?  How do you moderate a Google+ Hangout on AIR?

Watch the video below and comment below with any questions and feedback:

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