Interview with Beth Rogozinski, Co-founder of #socialgaming

I’m just loving the blending of gamification into all verticals these days. In the past social media marketing hangouts I’ve talked with the folks from Badgeville and they’ve provided some great insight into enterprise adoption (watch this episode). In the most recent episode of our social media marketing hangout we chatted with a new startup in San Francisco called and their CEO Beth Rogozinski. Their platform provides a way for brands to engage with their fans/influencers by playing a game to determine their preferences and then recommending a solution which for brand’s is a call to action (e.g. coupon, purchase link, etc..). Watch the interview below to learn more.


0:00 -2:11 Intro to Beth and her background in filmmaking, gaming and digital marketing

2:11 – 4:16 Definition of Social Gaming and what the latest trends are

4:16 – 5:40 Why would businesses want to incorporate social gaming?

5:40 – 15:55 What is and how it helps brands increase fan engagement

15:55 – 22:30 What is Transmedia?

22:30 – 25:45 Measuring Social Gamification Campaigns

25:45 – 28:00 Transmedia SF meetup info including Nov. 27th Producer’s Guide to the Galaxy & January 18 Transmedia Startup weekend

29:00 – 30:52 What are the next steps for businesses to add social gamification into their user experience

31:36 – 33:00 Demo of iOS Transmedia & Social Game called Lost Spells

33:01 – 34:31 What do you think of Zynga’s predicament

34:32 – 36:40 What is the better business model – subscription vs. freemium?

36:55 – 38:24 What is the target audience / demographic of social gaming consumers?

38:24 – 41:02 Contact Info and Next Social Hangout topic: Kickstarter Campaigns

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