New Video: Top 5 Tips on Creating a Kickstarter Campaign

Earlier this week I interviewed Chuck Freedman, co-author of the Plow Family Adventures, a children’s book successfully funded on Kickstarter. In 30 days he hit his goal of $5,700 which helped him and wife his publish the next edition of their children’s book. Our conversation focused on sharing best practices on creating and marketing a Kickstarter campaign going over topics such as video tips, rewards, updates to your backers, and marketing via social media.

0:00 – 3:55 Intro to Myself and Chuck Freedman

3:56 – 08:30 Overview of Plow Family Adventures Kickstarter Campaign and Book

8:31: – 10:31 What should be included in a Kickstarter video (show that you are committed in doing the project & why is it important)

10:32  – 12:10  What is the recommended project timeline for a Kickstarter campaign?

12:11 – 17:30 What should be included in your rewards (fun & simple + create a graphic for your rewards)

17:31 – 18:15 How long was the campaign for and what timing does Kickstarter offer (30 days is recommended)

18:16 – 20:30 How do payments work with Kickstarter and what should your goal be?

20:31 – 21:15 What are the prerequisites do using Kickstarter’s content management tools?

21:16 – 23:50 What should be included in updates and how often should they be sent out?

23:51 – 29:25 How should you market your Kickstarter campaign?

29:26 – 30:21 Who is the illustrator of your children’s?

30:22 – 33:23 Do you recommend to send out a press release? (is it going to improve the quality of life for people – if yes then press release would be recommended)

33:24 – Recommendations on the amount you are going to raise (are you going to run out of money before you produce your product? shipping costs need to be factored in)

33:58 – 36:34 Demo of Kicktraq – Kickstarter analytics to measure the funding throughout the duration of the campaign

36:35 – 38:29 Chuck’s contact info –

38:30 – 48:48 Featured Kickstarter Campaigns: Memoto (lifelogging camera), Bullet Proof (my friend from high school, Richie Yau) GoldieBlox (engineering toy for young girls)


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