Finding the Social Storytellers Within a Large Organization

Finding the right personIf you are a content manager or social media manager at an organization one of the time consuming parts of your job is finding the right people to create content for you.  This is especially true if storytelling is not part of the culture and social is new to employees.  Usually the people are found within a product or engineering organization. They are usually the innovators and the people behind the product which social consumers want to hear from.  They don’t work in PR, they don’t work in marketing but are the people who can answer in-depth (technical or not) product questions. With the work that I’ve done with clients I’ve asked the following questions to potential content producers / evangelists / bloggers. Remember most of these people don’t have an official social or content producing job responsibility so it is up to you to show that the social channel is worth their time (I’ll follow-up with a second blog post on this topic). Here are the qualifying questions:

  • Have you spoken at conferences or meetups before?
  • Have you written blog posts or articles before either internally or externally (at the current job or previously)
  • Do you have a social following? On which networks?
  • How do you incorporate feedback into your products?
  • Is your team (and/or you) tied closely to sales and if so, how are you involved in the sales pipeline?

By getting answers to the above will help you determine whether this person can be the storyteller and evangelist within your company.  Not withstanding the internal process of creating content needs to be understood and expectations set correctly but that is for another blog post. As always, I want to hear your experience finding storytellers within a company. How did you network? How did you find the “needle in the haystack”? Comment below or tweet @djksar on Twitter. 



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