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Measuring Twitter’s Influence

So you got that Twitter account and people are following you (and you’re following @oprah just for the heck of it)..Great job! Now how are you suppose to use it for your business and your boss is asking “how do you measure Twitter’s influence on our company’s goals?” – good question boss.  Remember, Twitter is used by consumers to talk about what is going on in their life plus they use it as a search engine to find the latest trends/news/etc…

If you are interested in measuring your impact to the Twitter community take into account the following:

  • Impressions – how many times do people talk about your brand. count the # of mentions per week
  • Influencer impressions – how many times do people re-tweet and how many followers does each influencer have. This will show the reach that you have on Twitter.
  • # of active conversations – hopefully you are using Twitter as a two way conversation and responding to people that have questions
  • Average klout score of your followers – Klout is a way to measure your follower’s influence.

If you are interesting in measuring how Twitter impacts your bottom-line:

  • Determine the amount of traffic your website gets from Twitter
  • Determine an actual goal that they would do on your website, e.g. download software, and see if you can use some type of campaign tracker to see how many downloads come from Twitter. Google Analytics is a free tool and has some basic functionality for tracking campaigns.
  • Ask your yourself “How does Twitter impact my goals versus other channels?”. Twitter vs. Facebook vs. direct email vs. paid search.

Hope this gives you a better grasp of how to measure Twitter.  If at all, it plants the seed that you need to measure and not jump on the bandwagon.




Comcast Acquires Plaxo

Comcast and Plaxo

In today’s odd social networking news Comcast is going to acquire Plaxo! At first glance, you think – Comcast is going to put Plaxo on my TV — uhh…that doesn’t make sense. After further research it does in a big way cause Comcast has been creating community features on it’s and other interactive properties since December 2005.  Taking a glance at their pre-release site – – they are working hard at community features within their product. Cause as everybody knows when I watch my Comcast box I usually have my computer with me or very close by.  

My ultimate TV-related community site is this:  

  • A site where I can view the show(s) online
  • Post messages and get my questions answers about the show and actor gossip
  • Tell my friends about a new show by clicking on a button and it creates an email, blog post, or content worthy of sharing on my other social networks where my friends reside
  • Find new shows and schedule recordings directly from the web or my mobile phone

On Comcast’s labs site they do have a product called Fans 4.0 that allows you to watch on-demand shows.

 Comcast Interactive Media Labs

Is this where Plaxo can add community features and really nail the user-experience for Comcast customers?  Time will tell.  Tell me your thoughts on this acquisition by adding your comments below.