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Sears using bloggers at #CES to gain consumer tech influence

If u don’t have the experts then hire out. That is what Sears is doing this 2011 CES to gain credability with consumers that they are a trusted resource for consumer electronics. Now hopefully this is a longer term strategy to bring more ppl to and/or the store. In terms of using external bloggers this is genius because Sears can expand their brand to a network of ppl that aren’t familiar, needs to get reaquainted, or haven’t  purchased from Sears. Another promo option that they probably had was to send their own staff to CES but they don’t have a huge social following as this external blog crew does.

As far as my experience with the Sears brand, I bought my washer and dryer before from Sears but never any consumer electronics. How about you? What do u think of the Sears brand when it comes to consumer electronics? Comment below.

This blog post got started when I was using the Pulse Android app on my DROID 2 Global and read this:
Sears Recruits ‘Blue Blogger Crew’ for CES –

Goooaaalllll! 72andSunny and Nike Soccer

Soccer fans are going crazing in Europe for the UEFA Euro Championships hosted by Austria and Switzerland! Nike with their million dollar advertising budget (probably more in the realm of $100 million) are using YouTube and of course TV to spread their TV commercial virally. The innovative agency who created (there were probably a bunch of companies involved) the commercial is called 72andSunny and their most notable clients include include Microsoft (XBox), DC Shoes and Discovery (I love the World campaign), and G4TV (remember the Star Trek Cribs commercials those were great!).

In checking out the the Next Level video (shown above or at )on YouTube it is looks it has been viewed 330,741 times, 670 comments posted , and favorited 2,221 times. Is that good? This campaign is definitely more of an awareness campaign for Nike Soccer then selling product so measuring the effectiveness in their brand marketing group will be tough. Has anybody figured out how to measure awareness campaigns? Post your comments below.

YouTube - Nikesoccer's Channel
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And now for my favorite 72andSunny commercial:

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