Networking to Find Storytellers & Content

Here are a few tips to help you find the storytellers and content within your organization. Need more advice? Ping me at or comment below.


Should I buy a Lacoste Shirt Because of their Vine Posting?

I would of never posted anything about Lacoste but now because they are on Vine they all of a sudden are cool – Should I go and buy a Lacoste shirt? Help me decide.

Finding the Social Storytellers Within a Large Organization

Finding the right personIf you are a content manager or social media manager at an organization one of the time consuming parts of your job is finding the right people to create content for you.  This is especially true if storytelling is not part of the culture and social is new to employees.  Usually the people are found within a product or engineering organization. They are usually the innovators and the people behind the product which social consumers want to hear from.  They don’t work in PR, they don’t work in marketing but are the people who can answer in-depth (technical or not) product questions. With the work that I’ve done with clients I’ve asked the following questions to potential content producers / evangelists / bloggers. Remember most of these people don’t have an official social or content producing job responsibility so it is up to you to show that the social channel is worth their time (I’ll follow-up with a second blog post on this topic). Here are the qualifying questions:

  • Have you spoken at conferences or meetups before?
  • Have you written blog posts or articles before either internally or externally (at the current job or previously)
  • Do you have a social following? On which networks?
  • How do you incorporate feedback into your products?
  • Is your team (and/or you) tied closely to sales and if so, how are you involved in the sales pipeline?

By getting answers to the above will help you determine whether this person can be the storyteller and evangelist within your company.  Not withstanding the internal process of creating content needs to be understood and expectations set correctly but that is for another blog post. As always, I want to hear your experience finding storytellers within a company. How did you network? How did you find the “needle in the haystack”? Comment below or tweet @djksar on Twitter. 



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Top 5 Tips for Google+ Hangouts for Your Business

After producing 100+ online events while I worked at Motorola Mobility ranging from live audio podcasts on blogtalkradio, webinars using Adobe Connect, Ustream events and Google+ Hangouts I’ve gone thru every type of issue. I’ve had the audio issues, people can’t connect, guest speaker gets disconnected where I’m stranded for a couple of minutes to talk about something and so many more issues. After going thru all of those, I’ve learned some best practices that I want to share with you.  Here are top 5 tips for Google+ Hangouts for your business:

  1. Don’t use the Google+ Hangout Invite functionality
    • Invites aren’t reliable and there is no way for your to take those leads and follow-up with them after the event is over.  In the past, I’ve used Eventbrite to get people to register and answer a few survey questions. Others online event producers that I know have used Marketo or some other marketing automation tool.
  2. Have the proper external mic, headphones and lighting in-place
    • You are going to be on camera so make sure the main engagement sources – your voice and perfect smile – are heard and visibile.  I’d recommend an external USB mic and for lighting just make sure you aren’t behind a sunny window because your face will be all dark. If you have the ability get some lights shining at your face, to the sides and behind you. No need to buy a bunch but look what you have available in the office/home. And finally, get some headphones for the potential in feedback in your panelists  speakers (remember when you called into the radio station, you were so excited that you had the radio still blasted and the DJ asked you to turn it down…use headphones to mitigate this potential problem).
  3. Use an Ethernet connection vs. Wi-Fi
    • When you are doing any live event and streaming video and audio ethernet is highly recommended. Google+ Hangout doesn’t do a good job of streaming with low-bandwidth and alerting you to a bad connection.  I was on a Hangout earlier in the year and the host was delayed by over 1 minute and was repeating questions that were already answered by others on the panel – it was painful to watch especially the recording afterwards!
  4. Start with a private invite
    • When it comes time to the actual Google+ Hangout, invite only those people that you’ve pre-screened.  Don’t invite the public or any of your circles!  You want to keep the conversation on your Google+ Hangout according to what your agenda is. Sure you might  leave room for Q&A from the audience but inviting anyone will result in random people that have untested audio and video appearing within your recording.  As always with any online event, give your panelists a call before the Hangout at least 1 to 2 weeks before to go over the questions and double-check their Google+ Hangout settings.
  5. Plan 4 to 6 weeks in advance
    • Lots of planning is involved in a Google+ Hangout even though the tool is so easy to use. I’d recommend you send out an email blast to your database at least 2 weeks in advance and depending on your organization and process it might take 4 weeks to come up with copy, graphics, agenda questions, create an event page and internal approvals.

I hope these tips help and if you would like to share your best practices on producing a Google+ Hangout or online events in general comment below. Thanks and talk to you soon.

Randy Ksar
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Highlight Video from #sbw2013 via @sbagov #smallbiz

i wasn’t able to attend any of the sessions this past week but this video makes me want to use the resources of the There is a local office in San Jose I hear where you can get free advice for starting your company and I know I’ve had some questions the past year starting Landon Consulting. Have you used the SBA in your city? Did you attend any of the Google+ Hangouts the past week? Comment below.

Live Blogging vs. Live Tweeting an Event with Blyve #socialmedia

I’ve been consulting for a company called Blyve recently that is changing the way brands interact with their communities during live online events.  My brother, the GM and VP of Product, over there wrote up a great preso on the differences and benefits of live blogging an event vs. live tweeting. Yes, I’m still a strong believer in Twitter to help you spread the word about your brand and reach influencers but having a branded experience using Blyve’s platform is key to better engagement and ROI. Check out the preso below and let me know if you want a demo.



Renee Zellwegger has a #socialmedia PR Opportunity!

Renee Zellwegger has a #socialmedia PR Opportunity!

She looked like a wreck, walked with a limp and might of been on something but could that of been her social media viral hit? Her mentions were pretty non-existent for the past six months and now she, her agent and PR agency have an opportunity to capitalize. I can definitely help her – call me maybe?

She has got to start doing the following:

  • Create a robust, authentic, social content strategy that she is deeply involved
  • Seed content to her influential fans, trade publications and fellow actors
  • Team up with Jonathan Lipnicki for a Jerry McGuire reunion
  • Produce an online series / reality series that focuses on the behind-the-scenes of the Academy Awards

Those are just some ideas but love to hear your comments below.  BTW, the chart was pulled from Lithium social media monitoring – great tool to have when managing communities, search for your brand mentions across all web/social properties, and tracking trending topics such as the Oscars.

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