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Will Pepsi Increase Sales via Social Media?

spreading the word is a hard thing. How do you start the groundswell that people really believe in your cause and share the message with their contacts? Does it require money and a big advertising campaign and production fee?  It sure does in my experience from working in numerous marketing groups in the valley.  Questions for you reading this blog:

  • How much do you think Pepsi will spend on this year’s social media marketing campaign in comparison to their usual Superbowl campaign?
  • Do think consumer products like Pepsi can actually sell more via social media?
  • How can you measure that more people buy your product if it is an offline sale?
  • Can you name any other brands/products that have had a similar success or failure in a social media marketing campaign?


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Washington Royal Rumble: Google & Yahoo! vs. Microsoft &

One of the deals that Yahoo! reached in the past few months was to use Google ads on their web site to potentially earn more revenue than they could with their own search marketing product. They did a trial run earlier in the year and apparently it went so well they wanted to make an even bigger deal. Well the moment this story went public senate hearings started happening on antitrust issues and how this deal and integration will raise the advertising costs. Microsoft is of course one of the strongest opponents of this deal in saying that Google and Yahoo! control 90% of the search advertising business. They believe it is a monopoly which is funny because now they are on the other side of the antitrust issue. This past week the Senate hearings occurred and all the following big guns were in Washington voicing their opinion (each name links to their statements):

David Drummond
Michael Callahan
Brad Smith
Matthew Crowley
Tim Carter

Here is a video interview by Kara Swisher at AllThingsDigital, a Wall Street Journal publication, of Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft lawyers impression on the hearings:

My personal opinion is that this deal is win-win situation for advertisers as well as publishers. Creating a standard, open platform for publishers to choose where their advertising goes is beneficial to the industry. My hope is when I do my ad buys on Google AdWords, I can do placement targeting and choose Yahoo!’s web site as one where I want to place my ads. Otherwise, I would have to have two separate budgets for Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing. Why not create a platform that is beneficial to the users? Let me know your thoughts by adding a comment to this blog entry.

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