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I love Garmin Connect

Guess what what one of my favorite gadgets is? My DROID? My HD Samsung TV? My macbook pro? Nope..My Garmin watch (actually my wife’s) which tracks all of our runs and plots all the data on the Garmin Connect website. Check out our 14 Mile Training Run on the Los Gatos Creek Trail. Some of the features that I love are:

-the gps data, speed and elevation mashed up with google maps
-ability to replay my whole run and follow the data points
-ability to share with my contacts
-super easy software where u just connect via USB or wireless depending on your gamin model and it does all the work (even on a Mac)

That’s it. The coolest gadget I have. Definitely useful for marathon runners, cyclists, or triathletes.

What’s your coolest gadget?

P.S. Wish I could embed on my wordpress hosted blog but unfortunately I can’t.