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New 4G iPod shuffle – It Can Talk!

Apple iPod shuffle

Brand new 4G iPod shuffle came out today (3/11/2009) that can say what is playing using a new feature called VoiceOver.  Here is why this is a great user experience:

  • No screen on the iPod shuffle hence the VoiceOver. As the Apple guide tour says “use it with your eyes closed”
  • Even if there was a screen and while I’m working out (which is what most shuffle’s I see out there are being used during) you wouldn’t want to look down at a screen.  Ever tried running on the treadmill and reading a magazine at the gym? 
  • VoiceOver can output in multiple different languages. English (duh!), Japanese, Swedish, French, Spanish, and a few more. 

So this is a quick feedback on today’s announcement. Here are some questions I thought would start some discussion:

  • What do you think of this announcement? 
  • Do you own an iPod shuffle now? Would you upgrade?
  • If you were the product manager for the next version of the iPod shuffle what features would you put as top priority to implement?
  • Do you care about the voice output?

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Gadgets/Services/Products I bought this year

Here are the gadgets/products/services I bought/sign-up for this year (personal or work):

What is on your list?

Top 5 Tips on Doing Cause Marketing In Your Company

I firmly believe that every company should be supporting nonprofits via monetary donations or getting their employees to volunteer their time on a local project (e.g. repairing a house). It shows that your company cares about your customers believe in and builds employee morale.  Personally, if I were choosing a company to work for or buying a product from one, I would choose the one that has a defined and active community giving program.  One of the most popular programs is the Red program from (started by Bono, lead singer of U2). Apple, Gap, American Express, and Nike have all incorporated red products and donated a portion of the proceeds to eliminating AIDS in Africa.

To start a cause marketing program at your company I suggest the following five tips:

  1. Decide on what categories of nonprofits your company wants to support. Take a survey of all your employees and if possible your customers. 
  2. Create an employee foundation.  Find volunteers within the company that can manage the grant decision making process and volunteer opportunities. 
  3. Get a 3rd party to manage the funds donated to your foundation and make it a 501c3 foundation. 
  4. Involve the executives at your company in getting fellow co-workers to volunteer.  #1 tip for building company culture – if management don’t do it, your employees will less likely be involved. 
  5. Involve your customers as much as possible. If you are having a volunteer event ask your customers to come. If you are raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as a company, ask your customers to donate as well cause you never know if they have a connection to the cause. 

Here is a video interview by myself of Meredith at the Republic of Tea who discusses their updated Sip for a Cure product line where they donate a portion of their profits to the Susan G. Komen for a Cure foundation.

Let me know what causes your company believes in. Post it in the comments below.

Randy Ksar
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3G iPhone with no video but wait till July 11?

It was finally announced..the moment everyone was waiting for – 3G iPhone! The product is really focused on data downloading whether photos, email (Microsoft Exchange included), and videos via the iTunes network or YouTube. Applications are being developed and from the samples shown at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco announcement the development time is very short (eBay created an app in 6 weeks). But this product is more about data downloading/viewing than lifecasting (sharing of photos, videos, and life experiences to your contacts). At least for now. July 11 is when it goes on sale and developers have one month to build their product. Will we see video integrations in one month? Companies like Qik or Flixwagon could get their engineers cranking on an iPhone but we will just have to wait and see. June 9 was all about Apple marketing to the developer community and on July 11th we shall see if it really worked. Let the countdown begin.

New Apple Products Coming Soon

Oh my…New Apple iPhone with perhaps 3G, GPS, and a front-facing camera? I’m so giddy in anticipation! I was trying to follow the Steve Jobs announcement on crunchgear (a TechCrunch site) but it is crashing as well as (live video streaming web site). Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to keep refreshing the Apple Store site.

The Apple Store