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Finding the Social Storytellers Within a Large Organization

Finding the right personIf you are a content manager or social media manager at an organization one of the time consuming parts of your job is finding the right people to create content for you.  This is especially true if storytelling is not part of the culture and social is new to employees.  Usually the people are found within a product or engineering organization. They are usually the innovators and the people behind the product which social consumers want to hear from.  They don’t work in PR, they don’t work in marketing but are the people who can answer in-depth (technical or not) product questions. With the work that I’ve done with clients I’ve asked the following questions to potential content producers / evangelists / bloggers. Remember most of these people don’t have an official social or content producing job responsibility so it is up to you to show that the social channel is worth their time (I’ll follow-up with a second blog post on this topic). Here are the qualifying questions:

  • Have you spoken at conferences or meetups before?
  • Have you written blog posts or articles before either internally or externally (at the current job or previously)
  • Do you have a social following? On which networks?
  • How do you incorporate feedback into your products?
  • Is your team (and/or you) tied closely to sales and if so, how are you involved in the sales pipeline?

By getting answers to the above will help you determine whether this person can be the storyteller and evangelist within your company.  Not withstanding the internal process of creating content needs to be understood and expectations set correctly but that is for another blog post. As always, I want to hear your experience finding storytellers within a company. How did you network? How did you find the “needle in the haystack”? Comment below or tweet @djksar on Twitter. 



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Sears using bloggers at #CES to gain consumer tech influence

If u don’t have the experts then hire out. That is what Sears is doing this 2011 CES to gain credability with consumers that they are a trusted resource for consumer electronics. Now hopefully this is a longer term strategy to bring more ppl to and/or the store. In terms of using external bloggers this is genius because Sears can expand their brand to a network of ppl that aren’t familiar, needs to get reaquainted, or haven’t  purchased from Sears. Another promo option that they probably had was to send their own staff to CES but they don’t have a huge social following as this external blog crew does.

As far as my experience with the Sears brand, I bought my washer and dryer before from Sears but never any consumer electronics. How about you? What do u think of the Sears brand when it comes to consumer electronics? Comment below.

This blog post got started when I was using the Pulse Android app on my DROID 2 Global and read this:
Sears Recruits ‘Blue Blogger Crew’ for CES –

Why you shouldn’t have a corporate blog?

I was very intrigued by a blog post on the Conversation Agent where they talked about why a company shouldn’t have a corporate blog. Of course they were just kidding and it went over some of the internal reactions that you would get from starting blogging and essentially social media within your company. Here are my favorites:

  • You get part time results for part time efforts – been a victim of this before, you gotta put in a lot of effort to write the posts and engage with your community. If you don’t then they won’t.
  • You publish only “perfect posts” – blogs are meant to cover timely information especially in the age of social networks and instant communication and sharing with your contacts.  Quality lowers of course but the content is valuable.
  • You think it’s a marketing job to write and edit the posts – the key to corporate blogging and social media is letting readers behind-the-scenes of a company and getting to know personal brands instead of corporate brands. Of course, there is a mix of the two but personal brands are key to introducing within a blog.

Do you have any other experiences from corporate blogging and social media? Any do’s and don’ts that you would like to share?  Post a comment.


Video Interview Tips for Social Media Campaigns

Social media evangelists and/or those that are communicating with the public via online communities need to be trained appropriately on how to respond to questions from a public relations perspective.  Opening the flood gates on all your employees to take part in social media is probably not the best idea to start with especially at a medium to large company (1000+ people). They need to be trained and get familiar with how to engage in conversations in a honest, truthful method.

In doing video interviews for social media purposes here are some tips:

  • Write an outline of what you are going to talk about it (I assume those topics have been cleared by your PR team)
  • Make sure you are comfortable in answering questions in an impromptu way. If the interviewer asks you a question, you better know how to respond to it directly, honestly, and all within the same shot
  • Make sure with every video you do has a call to action – where do people go for more information? Make sure you know the web site url (or as Joe Biden would like to say the web site number, you know the ip address, right?..j/k 🙂 )
  • Keep it to 30-seconds to 3 minutes. If the video is longer split it up into a series.
  • Make sure the person you are interviewing is engaging and has a good, clear communication style. If you think people are going to fall asleep within 15 seconds of hearing him/her then coach him on how to change his style, tone, and facial gestures.
  • The video should be in one continuous shot. Why? You really want the viewers to feel like they are there interviewing the person and not being coached by the interviewee. Style should be a causal conversation.

That’s all for now. What do you think? Do you have any additional suggestions for video interviews that are being distributed online via communities & social networks?  Add a comment below.


Online Community Forum – March 19/20 Sonoma, Ca

Online Community Forum

Next week I’ll be going to the online community forum in Sonoma, California to learn best practices from other online community managers in the industry.

Questions I have:

  • How do you keep your community engaged? Is it just content or do you need incentives?
  • What metrics are important when measuring the engagement level of a community?
  • Do you have an influencer group within your community? How is it organized, how do you provide them assets and get feedback.
  • What do you see happening in community in 2010 and beyond? Any trends you are noticing?
  • How do you convert your online community into offline community? 

Those are just a few right now that I thought of. Any questions you would like me to ask at this conference? Let me know. Add a comment below. 


Top 3 Social Media Tips For Job Seekers

Here are the top 3 social media tips for job seekers that I’ve found to be very useful:

  1. Get your LinkedIn profile updated with all the latest resume information and recommendations. If you’ve been recently laid-off, make sure to request recommendations from your previous co-workers.  Also, jobs on LinkedIn are posted by a company hr representative or a hiring manager and in some cases you might have a connection with them (or a few degrees away).  Expand your network so that you are one-step closer to the hiring manager. One last tip on LinkedIn, get involved in LinkedIn Answers and show your expertise on a particular topic by answering questions.

  2. Start a blog is a great way to show your enthusiasm for the industry that you are in and to show your expertise. Free hosting sites like wordpress (which this blog is hosted on) is a great way to start with minimal coding required. Remember a blog will showcase your grammar skills, your creativity, and can be accessed instantly in an interview (happened to me when a guy pulled out his iPhone and accessed my blog and started asking me questions about my latest post). 

  3. Yes, now is the time to get a Facebook account. I know you’ve been hating all the poking and status updates of what your friends are having for lunch.  However, re-connect with your former classmates and co-workers.  Post a status message on Facebook or a note (their version of a blog) with something like this: “I’m looking for a job. Ping me if you know of any product manager job openings in the mobile industry”.  You never know if your high-school classmate that you haven’t talked to in 15 years but you are connected to on Facebook have a job opening in his group. 

That’s it. Be patience with social media and your blog. Tag your blogs apporpriately with keywords that you believe people will search for. If you are wanting to work for a consumer company, talk about it on your blog and tag it appropriately. It will come up in the social media manager’s Google Alerts. If you have more tips add a comment below. Talk to you soon,


Social Media 2009 Predictions

Here are my social media predictions for 2009:

  • Metrics will be key as companies will need to see a ROI from social media. Smaller social media metrics companies will be bought out by companies like Omniture and maybe even Cisco to provide business with an end-to-end solution.
  • Executives in  all industries will understand the need to communicate with their customers at an individual level and will promote that within their company.
  • Video blogs will become increasingly popular with less fully-produced videos from companies. The faster the content gets posted the better. 
  • Social media communication tools at the enterprise will increase and be managed within a centralized marketing/pr team. Product managers will be able to respond to blog posts about their products and the lead social media pr/marketer within the company will be able to track that communication.

What are your social media predictions in 2009?

Post a comment below.