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The new frequent diner card now on your mobile phone


Offering incentives when you engage with a brand is not new. It has been happening since the Middle Ages when Kings would give gold coins to those that brought him letters from the battlefield. These days brands are trying to use the mobile phone to engage with customers.  One particular service that I believe is the buzz of 2010 is check-in services like Facebook Places, Foursquare, and Gowalla (I’m sure there are others please list them in the comments below.)  Any venue you go to, you take your cell phone out of your pocket/purse (ignore your friends or SO) and check-in…com’on all geeks like me do it.  First it was all about telling the world where you were (scary), then it was about becoming the Mayor (for whatever reason) and now it is finally making sense – venues/brands now provide incentives once you check-in.  Whether it is a free appetizer at a restaurant or perhaps 10% off at a clothing store, these are what real consumers are asking for.  It’s almost similar to the frequent diner card where if you get 10 stamps you get a free drink, now instead of a paper card it is eco-friendly via a mobile app.

Foursquare has had the ability for businesses/venues to add incentives for a while now. I haven’t used or received any myself because most places I check-in too aren’t as geeky as me. My friend Cory Fossum from Fossum Creative had a few thoughts on Facebook Deals which was just announced.  Listen to the video below by Cory and comment on where you think this technology and potential consumer adoption is going.

Social Media Seminar with Dell

I highly encourage you to attend this seminar to learn more about social media from Dell.


What: Brands Council Webinar
When: Thursday, August 27
Time: 12pm Pacific | 2pm Central | 3 pm Eastern
Register Now!
For brands & nonprofits only.

Featured Speaker:
Liana Frey, Director of Communities & Conversation, Dell
Dell has over two billion customer interactions each year. Liana Frey, Director of Communities and Conversations, will share Dell’s learnings over the past two years as the company has embraced social media. She will provide examples of how Dell is empowering its customers to share their stories and ideas. You’ll hear how social media is organized, measured and, most importantly, what could be of interest to your company in the journey to enable customers to walk the hallways of your company.

Yahoo! layoffs (again) on Dec. 10, 2008

Valleywag and bunch of friends on Twitter and Facebook are reporting layoffs are happening right now (Dec. 10, 2008 at 11:00am). Very sad to see this happening again. Heard rumors of layoffs within the Brickhouse group in SF, Flickr, and brand marketing. Search for yahoo on twitter to see what is happening. Also, click here to view the email from Jerry Yang sent to all the Yahoo! employees.

If you know of anybody hiring in the SF Bay Area for people from Yahoo! let me know and I’ll put you in contact with them. 


Reaching Brands via Your Blogs

New media sharing service called is hitting the social media scene pretty strong. You can upload audio, video, text, and photos from their web site and your mobile phone.  Plus, you can share it with your contacts that you’ve setup on their site.  Here is my first audio post about reaching brands via your blog.

Let me know what you think about Utterz and if you have had a similar blogging experience.


Get Started on Your Personal Brand by Bridget Z

In the past, the personal brand was reserved for the elite. Celebrities with an army of coaches, publicists, image consultants, etc. had the personas with reach.

For us regular folks, those who had the guts to get up in front of 100+ people had a shot at building a personal brand with some legs.

But the farthest most of us got was the ‘personal mission statement,’ shaking some hands and pitching that statement…AWKWARD! For the shy, impossible. And for the majority, that was enough to put the “personal brand” on the shelf and go back to the daily grind.

Now with the social web having tipped, the field is noticeably leveled. All (including shy folks) who have something to offer, enjoy the promise of extending their unique reach outside their eighteen inches of personal space. They have the ability to create a personal platform, the foundation being the web, the activity being 24-7, and the reach being global. Boundless.

It’s become important for anyone who wants a meaningful career to come with a personal brand. One example David Armano points out on his blog is the likelihood of a potential employer checking you out on Google. Brand U.O Personal Brand Matters. Same goes for potential clients.

Where to get started on building a personal brand?

Start with a digital footprint.
Take advice from Chris Brogan, who says his personal brand went from “a guy in a cube named Chris Brogan to a guy people know and want to talk to.” Don’t get me started on how humble this guy is. Organizations stand in line to pay Chris to show them how this stuff works. Use this post: Social Media Starting Points.

Understand the etiquette of the social web.
Simple. Use the same manners you would with your friends and colleagues (and your mom). Don’t be cheesy. Use the social web to improve your industry, not sell. The selling naturally takes place when you’re seen as “the guy (or gal)” who does this. One way (which you can do now) is to get involved with or start a provocative conversation on relevant issues in your space. I’ll bring back this post from Brogan-no need to reinvent the wheel here: Best Social Media Advice From This Site.

Love the ones you’re with.
Nurture what is now your community, or your audience. Know that to someone, you are a rock star and build from that. The folks at The Web Pitch share a great post called Community Starts at One, which includes a quick vid of Gary Vaynerchuk, a sharp-witted ‘every day guy,’ New Yorker and likable wine geek telling folks to “stop crying” about the size of their community but to be grateful and grow it from that one colleague who “cares about what’s going on in that beautiful brain of yours.”

Revisiting this post set me strait just this morning, when I went to check in with my Twitter followers/followees whose number was drastically reduced when the folks at Twitter ran their routine “maintenance.” My tweet last night was whiny, “Lost half my followers/followees…” Well I’m gonna nurture who’s still ‘with me’ and keep building my own ‘lil personal brand from that.

What thoughts do you guys want to add about the personal brand?

Thanks, Randy, for the opportunity to post on your awesome blog. – Bridget Zeuner (Zoy-ner) aka bridgetztalk on Twitter.

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