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BT Acquires Ribbit Challenges Skype and Google

The voice platform of the future was purchased today for $105 million by BT (British Telecom).

JP Rangaswami, managing director of service design at BT, said: “Silicon Valley is emerging as a hotbed of telecommunications innovation. With Ribbit, not only do we extend our presence in the Valley, but we also gain a groundbreaking platform, a growing community of developers and a world-class team that share a common vision. Buying Ribbit lets us accelerate that vision.”

If you haven’t checked out Ribbit’s voice platform now is the time. You can take any web-based application and add voice and telephony features —

  • listen to your vmail in your Facebook account or whatever social network
  • use a flash phone on your desktop (air iphone) to make a mobile call
  • receive mobile phone calls via Salesforce
  • take voice memos and convert them automatically to text
  • and many more potential applications

We’ve been streaming live from the Ribbit offices in Mountain View via Watch this video interview with Chuck Freedman, developer platform lead and Ryan Stewart, Adobe RIA evangelist and Flash expert.

-Randy Ksar
Note: I’ve been consulting for Ribbit for the past four months doing social media and lead generation.