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Return of the Ducks and why I never had that excitement at my college

I went to San Jose State University and never got excited about the sports teams there especially football. The football team was actually in my speech class and that was always entertaining. However, never went once to a football game and I think the only sports team I ever saw was the soccer team which was ranked #2 in the nation at the time (1998-99). Other division 1 football schools such as Oregon have an amazingly enthusiastic fan base as seen from the video below and actually got me psyced up to drive up to Oregon but it didn’t fit in my schedule.

Watch the video below which I know will go viral soon. I started seeing it at 300 views but by the time Monday comes around I believe it will be above 25K.

Question for all of you, do you think social media is a great way to increase your fan base at college sports? Have you seen other schools do a good job of using social media to get students and alum excited about the football or whatever sport team? Comment below. Look forward to the discussion.