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Comcast Acquires Plaxo

Comcast and Plaxo

In today’s odd social networking news Comcast is going to acquire Plaxo! At first glance, you think – Comcast is going to put Plaxo on my TV — uhh…that doesn’t make sense. After further research it does in a big way cause Comcast has been creating community features on it’s and other interactive properties since December 2005.  Taking a glance at their pre-release site – – they are working hard at community features within their product. Cause as everybody knows when I watch my Comcast box I usually have my computer with me or very close by.  

My ultimate TV-related community site is this:  

  • A site where I can view the show(s) online
  • Post messages and get my questions answers about the show and actor gossip
  • Tell my friends about a new show by clicking on a button and it creates an email, blog post, or content worthy of sharing on my other social networks where my friends reside
  • Find new shows and schedule recordings directly from the web or my mobile phone

On Comcast’s labs site they do have a product called Fans 4.0 that allows you to watch on-demand shows.

 Comcast Interactive Media Labs

Is this where Plaxo can add community features and really nail the user-experience for Comcast customers?  Time will tell.  Tell me your thoughts on this acquisition by adding your comments below.