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Using Social Media to Create an Emotional Connection

One of the great things I love about social media is getting people to show their emotion and passion for a certain topic.  If the user can see that in a video or audio podcast then you have sold the audience and they will talk about your brand or topic online or offline to their friends, family and co-workers.  One topic that I’m passionate about is the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I met with the Mingus family last month to learn more about their son’s diagnosis and survival with leukemia.  I worked with Heavensent Films and my bro-in-law Justin Adkinson on filming the interview.  I made sure Matt’s mom, Kat, was comfortable with the questions so I just had a causal conversation with her because sometimes the lens can be scary for people. It’s just starring you down and putting pressure on a topic that should be easy for the interviewee to speak about.  So to ease into the video I started chatting “off camera” about how there day was going, the questions we were going to ask, the weather, family, etc..It really helped both of us have a great causal yet emotional conversation for apprx. 2 hours.   Justin with his great camera and video editing skills created a great 4 minute re-cap of the conversation and really focused on the goal which was to spread awareness about the Society and raise crucial dollars for research and patient services.    The video is posted below and Justin did a behind-the-scenes blog post to see how something like this is created.  Comment below and how you use social media content to create an emotional connection.

Writing social content with your voice

Tip of the day: every now and then show some personality on your business social accounts and say “Good Morning”. Social is all about starting and fostering relationships. With a lot of businesses still wondering whether social media is for them i ask them how often do you have real conversations with your customers or prospective customers. Spend the time to create a content strategy that shows your voice and personal brand. Those ppl faning you on Facebook or reading your blog want to hear and engage with people that are making a difference in your products. They don’t want a canned response but a response like you are talking to them in-person. So the next time you are thinking of writing social content think how do you speak to your customers in the real world and make sure that is reflected in your social sites.

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Which flash website or game do u wanna see on your DROID?


Had a great time with everyone at yesterdays DROID does flash meetup. The game displayed by Mochi Media was pretty cool and worked great on mobile. Do u have any favorite flash websites or games thay you wish u could view on your mobile phone? Add a comment below.


Creating & Managing Social Content

Here is a presentation I did to advertising students at San Jose State University about creating and managing social content. Short and sweet but main point is “it’s not about the tools but the content!”. Let me know if you have any questions by commenting on this blog post.

Tips on Video Journalism from Larry Kramer, Founder

I’ve been researching how to make video content that is engaging and ran across this video on It is an interview with Larry Kramer, founder and he gives some insightful tips on what makes video journalism in it’s rawest format work for viewers. 

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