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White House Aims to Optimize Facebook & Twitter Efforts #socialmedia

Very interesting study via the White House. Did anybody participate in the survey? Did they use FB questions? How did they survey ppl on Twitter?

White House Aims to Optimize Facebook and Twitter Efforts –

I’m not a Stanford Graduate Facebook

I logged onto my Facebook account this morning and Facebook thought they would be smart and make me smart. Their recommendation engine thought because I have a lot of friends that went to Stanford that I might have gone to Stanford. However, didn’t they realize I already filled out my profile info with San Jose State University undergrad and no graduate school? I dunno I guess it was an educated guess but their recommendation engine could be a little smarter. Maybe this should be the logic:

If user graduated from with his undergrad degree and doesn’t have a master degree maybe they should have an ad for University of Phoenix..hehehe..but seriously if I didn’t input my master degree in my profile then don’t assume.

Look below.


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Etnies Social Recruiting

One of the ways companies are getting desperate to recruit social followers is by emailing their opt-in members. Here is an email from a young and hip apparel company called Etnies (that I used to wear in my 20’s and early 30’s). How do you think the brand/logo police at Google, Facebook, and Twitter would react?

Etnies Social Networking Promo

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Incorporating Social Into Your Webinar

In doing a few wbinars over the course of my career, I’ve noticed that it tends to be a closed communication between the host and the attendees.  Sure they get to ask questions but does the community of viewers engage with each other and do they have the necessary social tools and content to become evangelists of your products/services.  I’ve prepared the below presentation that will go over the following:

  • What is a webinar from wikipedia and what it should be
  • What a social webinar can be
  • Social opportunities
  • Integrating social into your webinar
  • Twitter sharing links
  • Facebook sharing links
  • LinkedIn sharing links
  • Example from Hubspot

If you have any questions/feedback/comments please tweet with the hashtag #socinar.


Embed Your Social Feeds with

Follow live conversations from Twitter and Facebook on

Follow live conversations from Twitter and Facebook on

Interesting new social media widget from a new web site called, parent company is Glam Media.  Saw it first from a tweet sent to @motodev where the user created an event on the site that aggregated all the #mds09 tweets. What’s great in the product is that there is moderation available so when you post the twitter widget on your site you can feel safe in preventing certain users, bad words, and overall comfortable with posting a live public chat feed. Also, not only is the twitter feed included in the widget but your Facebook streams too (although not fan pages).  Anyways, check it out at, I think you will like it.

Here is a snapshot of their widget options:


Note: Currently as of 9/30/2009 the above were the only customization options. Especially annoying is the sizing options only allow for something more vertical than horizontal design. I tried changing the javascript code but got a File Not Found error when it was embedded in my page. Luckily, the company is open to feedback via their getsatisfaction board and a previous response mentioned they were working on providing more customizable options (message posted 4 months ago so not sure where that is within their product priorities).

Have you used this product? Would you find it useful for aggregating feeds on your web site? Any other solutions you know of?  Comment on the blog post below.

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Social Media Seminar with Dell

I highly encourage you to attend this seminar to learn more about social media from Dell.


What: Brands Council Webinar
When: Thursday, August 27
Time: 12pm Pacific | 2pm Central | 3 pm Eastern
Register Now!
For brands & nonprofits only.

Featured Speaker:
Liana Frey, Director of Communities & Conversation, Dell
Dell has over two billion customer interactions each year. Liana Frey, Director of Communities and Conversations, will share Dell’s learnings over the past two years as the company has embraced social media. She will provide examples of how Dell is empowering its customers to share their stories and ideas. You’ll hear how social media is organized, measured and, most importantly, what could be of interest to your company in the journey to enable customers to walk the hallways of your company.