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Amazing Canon 5D MkII HD video footage!

Brand new camera from Canon that can do 1080p video footage!  This competes with Nikon’s new D90 which has been getting not so great reviews according to the chatter on twitter recently.

Pulizter Prize-winning photographer Vincent Laforet got his hands on a Canon 5D MkII for a weekend. Rather than shoot some quick stills, he rounded up an entire film crew and put them to work using the amazing 1080p video capture it offers – in helicopters, no less!  Check out blog post from Don MacAskill, CEO of Smugmug . Also, note on the blog post the Canon PR nightmare where they didn’t want Vincent and Smugmug to post the video and spread the word about how great the camera is.  Dear Canon PR, legal, and marketing: If you are reading this I hope in the future you value influencers like Vincent & Don who us amateur photographers look to for advice when buying a new camera.


Cameras I own: Nikon D80, Casio EX-S500, & Flip Mino

Note: Some of the above content was taken from the original post when I dugg the article and then posted it on my blog via digg.


Kodak’s Zi6 720p Pocket HD Camera & Digital Frame w/ WiFi

I’m a gadget freak with probably 5 things recharging at once (can anybody relate?).  I try and keep up with the latest gadgets via blogs and friends at companies in the Silicon Valley.  This time around I was browsing on the web and ran into these two new Kodak products:

  • Kodak Zi6 Pocket HD Camera featuring 720p, 60fps, and 16:9 aspect ratio and connects to your computer via USB.
  • Kodak’s Digital Frame with OLED display and WiFi support – no need to transfer photos to a SD card just load your albums/sets via the included WiFi card/connection.

Watch the video below for more information and comment below on what you think about these two products as well as any other gadgets you have found recently.