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Who is your favorite real estate agent?

Ed Gory

Ed Gory

I met up with my favorite real estate agent in the SF Bay Area, Ed Gory, and talked about how he uses technology in his day-to-day business. He is a big networker in finding new clients and similar to social networking his friends are the ones that refer him his business. Ed Gory is one of the few real estate agents that have started using the online world in expanding his network. He is on Twitter, Facebook, has his own real estate podcast on iTunes, on LinkedIn, has his own blog, and random fact is a voice-over artist. How many real estate agents do you know who are in tune with technology like Ed? Not too many!

Enjoy this video of us walking thru his neighborhood in Redwood City, California.

Who is your favorite real estate agent and how do they market themselves in a unique way? Post a comment to this blog. Ed can be reached at or via his web site at

-Randy Ksar

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