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New Hangout: Social Media Marketing Discussion on Wed Oct 3 Noon PT #socialmedia

Join me and other social strategists for a Google+ Hangout on Wednesday October 3, 2012 at noon pacific.

We’ll cover the below topics and your questions:
-Twitter’s new header images – why are they making a big deal of it? is it worth it?
-LinkedIn Company pages – share your company page and best practices
-Hootsuite’s new internal collaboration tools
-and anything else in the social media world

Watch the Hangout on AIR, join the conversation, and share your social media expertise and/or questions with the panelists at

FYI, if you are interested in being on the panel / Google+ Hangout, ping me at



Incorporating Social Into Your Webinar

In doing a few wbinars over the course of my career, I’ve noticed that it tends to be a closed communication between the host and the attendees.  Sure they get to ask questions but does the community of viewers engage with each other and do they have the necessary social tools and content to become evangelists of your products/services.  I’ve prepared the below presentation that will go over the following:

  • What is a webinar from wikipedia and what it should be
  • What a social webinar can be
  • Social opportunities
  • Integrating social into your webinar
  • Twitter sharing links
  • Facebook sharing links
  • LinkedIn sharing links
  • Example from Hubspot

If you have any questions/feedback/comments please tweet with the hashtag #socinar.


Update to LinkedIn Groups – Less Spam! Wahoo!

LinkedIn: MOTODEV: Start a Discussion

Not sure how many of you are subscribed to any LinkedIn Groups but recently I’ve seen an influx of job postings on each of the group’s I’m subscribed to. In the past there was no way to filter those out besides your own email program but now LinkedIn added a feature to mark if the topic or question asked is a job post. Also, you as the asker of the question can get notified on any new comments. Try it out and let me know what you think. If you aren’t subscribed to any LinkedIn Groups go to and do a search for your alma-matter or company. If you are subscribed to a bunch of groups do you think this feature will curb the spam? Do you think groups are helpful or just another logo on your profile?

My Top Requested Feature for LinkedIn

I was surfing for San Francisco restaurants for Valentine’s day and noticed quite a few restaurants that I wanted to try out but not necessarily this Saturday.  Yelp has a cool bookmark feature that allows you to tag restaurants to review or try later w/ your custom note. Here is a photo of the bookmark feature:
The Matterhorn Swiss Restaurant - Marina/Cow Hollow - San Francisco, CA

Once I saw and used that feature, I immediately thought of how useful it would be on LinkedIn! Numerous times I’ve been searching for a particular contact and I go thru maybe 10-15 profiles that weren’t the right one but some of them could of been used for something else. On LinkedIn there is no way to tag your contacts that you would like to use later. Just like, they should have a similar bookmark or tag feature so I can keep track of all my searches and viewed profiles.  I don’t want to add them as a connection or get introduced at that particular moment but instead “save it for later”. Would this be useful to you? How many searches and profile views do you go thru until you find the right person to contact? Let me know by adding your comment below.


Top 3 Social Media Tips For Job Seekers

Here are the top 3 social media tips for job seekers that I’ve found to be very useful:

  1. Get your LinkedIn profile updated with all the latest resume information and recommendations. If you’ve been recently laid-off, make sure to request recommendations from your previous co-workers.  Also, jobs on LinkedIn are posted by a company hr representative or a hiring manager and in some cases you might have a connection with them (or a few degrees away).  Expand your network so that you are one-step closer to the hiring manager. One last tip on LinkedIn, get involved in LinkedIn Answers and show your expertise on a particular topic by answering questions.

  2. Start a blog is a great way to show your enthusiasm for the industry that you are in and to show your expertise. Free hosting sites like wordpress (which this blog is hosted on) is a great way to start with minimal coding required. Remember a blog will showcase your grammar skills, your creativity, and can be accessed instantly in an interview (happened to me when a guy pulled out his iPhone and accessed my blog and started asking me questions about my latest post). 

  3. Yes, now is the time to get a Facebook account. I know you’ve been hating all the poking and status updates of what your friends are having for lunch.  However, re-connect with your former classmates and co-workers.  Post a status message on Facebook or a note (their version of a blog) with something like this: “I’m looking for a job. Ping me if you know of any product manager job openings in the mobile industry”.  You never know if your high-school classmate that you haven’t talked to in 15 years but you are connected to on Facebook have a job opening in his group. 

That’s it. Be patience with social media and your blog. Tag your blogs apporpriately with keywords that you believe people will search for. If you are wanting to work for a consumer company, talk about it on your blog and tag it appropriately. It will come up in the social media manager’s Google Alerts. If you have more tips add a comment below. Talk to you soon,


Corporate Adoption of Twitter

If you are a Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, or any social network site user you’ve probably updated your status to tell your friends what you are doing at that very moment. Most of your friends probably have written a smart-ass comment or completely ignored you. I have on several occasions I posted a status that was completely absurd just to get a reply back since I knew people were reading my news feed and checking Facebook hourly. Well, now is the age that people are so attached to brands that they want to know what is happening in real-time with the company. Either they own the product or perhaps they are are an investor and want to know the latest and greatest.

Twitter, a San Francisco company started in March 2006, has made status updates a public way of spreading the word about what you as an individual or company doing. No longer is your network of friends reading your status but the public has access and can opt-in to follow you. The question is how do you effectively spread the word about your brand via Twitter. Here are some questions and to-do’s when wanting to get Twitter adopted at a company:

  1. Get all the influencers in a room and give them a demo of the potential of Twitter and examples of companies using it (consumer brands such as JetBlue, Southwest, and CNN). Examples of influencers can be executives (CEO, CFO, COO, VPs), top engineers in the company, top designer in the company, pr manager, marketing manager, event managers.
  2. Ask your influencers what do people want to hear about? Is it what they are working on? Which trade-show are they going to attend next? Which product was released today? There was got to be some piece of valuable, public data that changes frequently that your customers/users/investors want to know about.
  3. If you are successful in getting influencers within your company to adopt/use Twitter then the question is how to tell the world. The first step would be to update your corporate web site but that is easier said than done. Twitter is just one piece of the puzzle in your overall social media strategy. What other ways can people get to know you better – podcasts, vlogs, badges, widgets, and/or Flickr stream.

Definitely a lot of work needs to be done but I firmly believe this is a new way of communicating. Instead of an email newsletter where you hope people read it, heck even open it, status updates via social networks where your company has a presence should be your focus in 2008. If you aren’t thinking about social networks for your company and aren’t signed up on one yet gimmie a holla and I can help you out.


    rksar at yahoo dot com