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Live Blogging #marchmadness with Blyve

I love March Madness and one of the ways I keep updated with all the games is on my smartphone and thru a variety of blogs. In working with Blyve, they have a platform for live blogging the basketball games. Whether you are a super-fan of your UCLA Bruins or a sports blogger for ESPN, I highly encourage you to look at Blyve for these reasons:

  • Live blog your own comments/observations + curate content from Twitter
  • Have your fans/followers/community comment on your stream and bring in special guest for doing a moderated, engaging Q&A
  • Promote your special offers, affiliate links, etc..within the live blog using Blyve’s ad platform.
  • Take advantage of the pay as you go pricing plan and pay for only the unique viewers that attend your event.

All the details and a free trial are on the Blyve blog post titled:  Live Blogging #marchmadness with Blyve.


New Video: Episode 4 of Social Media Marketing Hangout

Episode 4 was filmed yesterday and what a great conversation with our panelists. Joining me to talk about the latest in social media marketing were:

I brought up two topics to discuss: Twitter’s new header image and LinkedIn’s Company pages. We came to the conclusion that Twitter’s header image really doesn’t add value to small businesses but potentially the larger enterprises when combined with the enhanced profiles (apprx. $25K).  Second we spent time on LinkedIn’s Company Pages, new follower pages/content and endorsements.  Company pages was something that Erin wanted to know what are some tips to optimize engagement and eventually lead generation – our collective answer was content strategy. We all followed Sir Richard Branson and I had a question can follower content be shared across a company page and the answer was no unfortunately (LinkedIn if you are listening put this in the product roadmap).  Hope you enjoyed the conversation and stay tuned to the next hangout that you can join on October 17, 2012 and noon pacific.