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Video Interview with @schnaars, GM EMEA of Badgeville

I chatted with Scott Schnaars, GM EMEA of Badgeville, today about the latest trends in gamification and what his company provides. Watch the interview and comment below with your thoughts on where the gamification industry is going – is it a fad? are enterprise applications the next big trend? Let me know your thoughts.

Is your Mobile app in the Top 10?

Great article on analyzing your user’s mobile usage patterns and matching that up to your strategy. Some of the data mentioned is from a Google study where they say the avg. user downloads 26 apps and they use 10 frequently. Hopefully u are in the top 10 and you have some longevity to your app and you keep users coming back. I found this article on the Omniture blog while using the Pulse Android app for my MOTOROLA XOOM.  Read “Is your Mobile app in the Top 10?” at

This might make u rethink your mobile strategy. Let me know what u think.


The new frequent diner card now on your mobile phone


Offering incentives when you engage with a brand is not new. It has been happening since the Middle Ages when Kings would give gold coins to those that brought him letters from the battlefield. These days brands are trying to use the mobile phone to engage with customers.  One particular service that I believe is the buzz of 2010 is check-in services like Facebook Places, Foursquare, and Gowalla (I’m sure there are others please list them in the comments below.)  Any venue you go to, you take your cell phone out of your pocket/purse (ignore your friends or SO) and check-in…com’on all geeks like me do it.  First it was all about telling the world where you were (scary), then it was about becoming the Mayor (for whatever reason) and now it is finally making sense – venues/brands now provide incentives once you check-in.  Whether it is a free appetizer at a restaurant or perhaps 10% off at a clothing store, these are what real consumers are asking for.  It’s almost similar to the frequent diner card where if you get 10 stamps you get a free drink, now instead of a paper card it is eco-friendly via a mobile app.

Foursquare has had the ability for businesses/venues to add incentives for a while now. I haven’t used or received any myself because most places I check-in too aren’t as geeky as me. My friend Cory Fossum from Fossum Creative had a few thoughts on Facebook Deals which was just announced.  Listen to the video below by Cory and comment on where you think this technology and potential consumer adoption is going.

Which flash website or game do u wanna see on your DROID?


Had a great time with everyone at yesterdays DROID does flash meetup. The game displayed by Mochi Media was pretty cool and worked great on mobile. Do u have any favorite flash websites or games thay you wish u could view on your mobile phone? Add a comment below.


Going to Google I/O 2009

Google I/O - Speakers

Just signed up for Google I/O conference in San Francisco May 27 & 28. Look forward to the Android sessions as well as meeting other developers.  Any meetups or tweetups that anybody knows of?  Post them here!

Interview with Brett Butterfield, CEO of Pixelpipe

I interviewed Brett Butterfield from Pixelpipe on the MOTODEV Android Podcast. Really interesting conversation on their media sharing gateway, their Android App, the Android SDK 1.5 (aka Cupcake), and listener questions. Listen to the podcast on BlogTalkRadio and let me know what you think.


New Yahoo! Mobile App (coming soon)

Yahoo! Mobile for smartphones

Taking a page out of Apple and their homescreen, Yahoo! announced at Mobile World Congress their new “experience” for iPhone, Blackberry, and other smartphone owners. Instead of Yahoo! being the destination point on your desktop then are now trying to be the portal on your mobile phone. It will include feeds from all your web sites plus data from your social networks in an area that they branded OnePlace. No product was available for download but the dates they have listed on the web site are March thru May 2009 depending on platform(the product managers must be hating that the dates are listed on the site). Also, Opera Mini comes bundled with the app so kudos for Opera for scoring that deal.

Questions I have:

  • Will this replace the iPhone home screen? Is it just another app that you still need to click on?
  • Is this Java-based? I assume it is. 
  • If my main accounts are on Google will this product be worth it? Sometimes I can’t stand Yahoo! building apps to force me to use their service. They are getting better at openness though so we’ll see. 

What questions do you have? Make a comment on this blog post.