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New 4G iPod shuffle – It Can Talk!

Apple iPod shuffle

Brand new 4G iPod shuffle came out today (3/11/2009) that can say what is playing using a new feature called VoiceOver.  Here is why this is a great user experience:

  • No screen on the iPod shuffle hence the VoiceOver. As the Apple guide tour says “use it with your eyes closed”
  • Even if there was a screen and while I’m working out (which is what most shuffle’s I see out there are being used during) you wouldn’t want to look down at a screen.  Ever tried running on the treadmill and reading a magazine at the gym? 
  • VoiceOver can output in multiple different languages. English (duh!), Japanese, Swedish, French, Spanish, and a few more. 

So this is a quick feedback on today’s announcement. Here are some questions I thought would start some discussion:

  • What do you think of this announcement? 
  • Do you own an iPod shuffle now? Would you upgrade?
  • If you were the product manager for the next version of the iPod shuffle what features would you put as top priority to implement?
  • Do you care about the voice output?

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Tips on Doing Video Blogs

Here are some great tips on doing a video blog and creating engaging content. Post your comments below or reply on
P.S. I thought it would be funny to do a audio post about doing video on your blog.

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