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Speaking at Web 2.0 NYC

Web 2.0 Expo New York 2009

Hey everyone! Join me at Web 2.0 conference in New York City talking about community and social media at the below session.  Remember, to use webny09fos to receive a $100 discount or a FREE Expo Pass.

Real-Time Marketing: Operationalizing The Use of Social Media

Social media isn’t just for community managers anymore. The rise of Web 2.0 content and community is changing marketing operations – making marketers more efficient, customer-centric and prepared to make strategic decisions like product and service enhancements, feature prioritization, pricing and customer segmentation. And, the best part? It’s free and available in real-time so any size company with any size budget can leverage it.

Real-time marketing means understanding and responding to the movements of the market on both individual and strategic levels. This session will show you how to apply the instant, unprompted customer feedback from Web 2.0 to media buying, campaign optimization, creative development, customer community management, CRM, PR and promotions.

Hear from companies that are operationalizing their use of social media feedback as a source of strategic advantage, and walk away with 6 new ways to integrate real-time marketing practices into your organization.


Disney Online, James M Smith, Vice President, Advertising

Advertising effectiveness: Learn how Disney Online is quantifying ROI and effectiveness for its advertisers. James Smith is a pioneer in the fields of online and integrated media. Having launched media properties in the past decade in the US, Europe and Japan, James plays an instrumental role in the development of the online strategy. Focusing on all aspects of Disney online, James creates revenue streams outside of standard media through cutting edge branded entertainment products, large scale cross media programs & the development of a newly created ad network at Prior to joining Disney Online, James held executive roles at Nielsen & United Business Media and also spent time driving strategy in the social networking space as an executive at Leverage Software.

Motorola, Randy Ksar, Program Manager

Community management: Randy manages the social media strategy for MOTODEV which is Motorola’s developer program primarily focused on mobile devices and Motorola’s latest Android handsets. He is constantly listening and engaging with the MOTODEV community via blogs, discussion boards, and numerous social networks like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Previous to Motorola, Randy worked on viral marketing programs for Yahoo! and online marketing roles at Roxio, Handspring, and Sony Electronics. In his spare time, he volunteers for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society running marathons, cycling century rides and raising funds to find a cure for blood-related cancers. Tweet @djksar to contact Randy.

Nike, Ricky Engelberg, Director of Digital Marketing

Influencer marketing: Nike has always practiced influencer marketing- the art of finding and cultivating tastemakers (online and offline) that are influential within a community. Web 2.0 technologies and social networks have created new avenues for influence to move along. Hear how Nike is incorporating these phenomena into the design and execution of key marketing campaigns and programs, in the US and beyond.

Undercurrent, Aaron Dignan, Founding Partner

Integrated social media campaign management and measurement: Hear from Aaron how he and the Undercurrent team craft effective social media campaigns for the the world’s best brands and comprehensively measure their success. Aaaron Dignan joined the founding team of Undercurrent from a background in brand strategy and brand experience at Brandplay, a boutique agency he co-founded, and whose clients included Coors and Pepsi. Aaron manages Undercurrent’s New York office, where the team explores the future frontier of social interactive – where consumers rule, and brands aspire to contribute and enable the most connected generation in history. His blog (Surveyvivalist) uses targeted research to explore these same topics and issues. A charismatic speaker (alongside Undercurrent’s Josh Spear) for brands like McDonald’s, PepsiCo, Virgin, Leo Burnett, Columbia College, and the University of Colorado, Aaron’s thinking on the “born digital” consumer is highly sought after.

Moderating: Scout Labs, Jennifer Zeszut, Founder and CEO

Top 5 Tips on Doing Cause Marketing In Your Company

I firmly believe that every company should be supporting nonprofits via monetary donations or getting their employees to volunteer their time on a local project (e.g. repairing a house). It shows that your company cares about your customers believe in and builds employee morale.  Personally, if I were choosing a company to work for or buying a product from one, I would choose the one that has a defined and active community giving program.  One of the most popular programs is the Red program from (started by Bono, lead singer of U2). Apple, Gap, American Express, and Nike have all incorporated red products and donated a portion of the proceeds to eliminating AIDS in Africa.

To start a cause marketing program at your company I suggest the following five tips:

  1. Decide on what categories of nonprofits your company wants to support. Take a survey of all your employees and if possible your customers. 
  2. Create an employee foundation.  Find volunteers within the company that can manage the grant decision making process and volunteer opportunities. 
  3. Get a 3rd party to manage the funds donated to your foundation and make it a 501c3 foundation. 
  4. Involve the executives at your company in getting fellow co-workers to volunteer.  #1 tip for building company culture – if management don’t do it, your employees will less likely be involved. 
  5. Involve your customers as much as possible. If you are having a volunteer event ask your customers to come. If you are raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as a company, ask your customers to donate as well cause you never know if they have a connection to the cause. 

Here is a video interview by myself of Meredith at the Republic of Tea who discusses their updated Sip for a Cure product line where they donate a portion of their profits to the Susan G. Komen for a Cure foundation.

Let me know what causes your company believes in. Post it in the comments below.

Randy Ksar
rksar at yahoo dot com

Goooaaalllll! 72andSunny and Nike Soccer

Soccer fans are going crazing in Europe for the UEFA Euro Championships hosted by Austria and Switzerland! Nike with their million dollar advertising budget (probably more in the realm of $100 million) are using YouTube and of course TV to spread their TV commercial virally. The innovative agency who created (there were probably a bunch of companies involved) the commercial is called 72andSunny and their most notable clients include include Microsoft (XBox), DC Shoes and Discovery (I love the World campaign), and G4TV (remember the Star Trek Cribs commercials those were great!).

In checking out the the Next Level video (shown above or at )on YouTube it is looks it has been viewed 330,741 times, 670 comments posted , and favorited 2,221 times. Is that good? This campaign is definitely more of an awareness campaign for Nike Soccer then selling product so measuring the effectiveness in their brand marketing group will be tough. Has anybody figured out how to measure awareness campaigns? Post your comments below.

YouTube - Nikesoccer's Channel
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

And now for my favorite 72andSunny commercial:

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