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New Video: @djksar finishing the Victoria Marathon 10/10/10

My friend Wellington was at the finish line filming Team In Training runners and he got a great clip of me. Two things to notice:

  1. The announcer is talking about the 83 yr. old woman who I just passed. There was no way I was going to let her finish before me!
  2. I smiled at the end!

Remember, anyone can do a marathon. The journey is long but the day will be over and you’ll be back in bed or at the bar stool resting/re-hydrating!  My finish time was 4:54 which is 4 minutes short of my best time. However, my first marathon back in 2001 and in Victoria was 6:14 so quite a bit of improvement don’t you think?!? Anyways, ping me for any questions about marathoning, what type of training do I do, and personalized recommendations for yourself.

Inspirational weekend!



This past weekend was pretty inspirational for me and so helpful in my prep for running the victoria marathon this Sunday (10/10/10).  Two of my honorees/cancer survivors did amazing things:

1. Susan Boyd, cancer survivor of 13 years completed her first half-marathon (13.1 miles). Pictured above is her finishing.

2. Matt Mingus, 6 yr. old going thru treatment right now at lucile packard walked for a couple of miles at the Light the Night walk in San Mateo. He went thru treatment earlier in the morning and was in the jumpy house and doing the walk – amazing energy. Pictured above is Matt and friends with the victory band and the end of the walk.

This Sunday I’ll be running the Victoria marathon and Susan and Matt will be on my mind the whole time motivating me the extra mile to the finish. If they can go thru cancer treatment I think I can run a marathon.

Wish me luck!

Carbo loading before a 20 mile run


In training for a marathon carbo loading the nite before a big run is always recommended. Although in recent years some research has said it doesn’t help. What do u think?

Looking for Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Myeloma Survivors

This upcoming May to October I will be the honoree captain for the Peninsula marathon team based at Stanford Track. My role is to make the Team In Training participants connected with the cause by introducing them to cancer survivors, caregivers, doctors, and those that are affected by this terrible disease.  I’ve been with TNT since the summer of 2001 and have seen several friends pass away as well as suffer thru chemotherapy and radiation. It’s a terrible disease and something that I’m motivated to fundraise for and keep people motivated in fundraising for.  Each week on my blog I plan on writing a short post about the disease to hopefully educated you on why I’m so addicted and what a small group of people at Stanford Track every Tuesday can make a huge  difference in the lives of patients, caregivers, and doctors.

If you are a leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma survivor and interested in motivating 100-200 runners/walkers to find a cure, ping me asap at rksar at yahoo dot com.

For more information about the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society go to

@djksar on Twitter

P.S. To train for a half-marathon or full-marathon at Stanford every Tuesday evening, Thursday, and run on Saturday at a regional park ping me at rksar at yahoo dot com or comment on the blog post below. We take every individual no matter what their previous experience is. We start you at 1 mile and every couple of weeks add a couple extra miles till you reach 13.1 or 20 miles. Coach potatoes are highly encouraged to join and experts looking to improve their marathon time are welcome too. The coaches are top notch and you will have a great time in a very collaborative and fun environment which usually isn’t thought of when someone says “running”.

Inspiration for Sunday’s SF Half-Marathon

This Sunday my wife and I are running the San Francisco Half-marathon in honor of a friend’s son, Matt Mingus. My friend Kat wrote this message to our Team In Training participants that I wanted to share with you since it is what the true meaning of why we keep running and fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Here is the letter:

Hey Team!

All of you have really stepped up to the plate and outside of your comfort zones in one way or another.  You have asked anyone and everyone for money (and I hear you have raised A LOT – right on!). You have run at the crack of dawn, cold winter nights, and even in the rain. And, some of you even ventured into the dreaded ice baths after already freezing your @^%$& off.  And I know from experience (as a former team member) you have always ended your workouts and runs with a smile and a very self deserving pat on the back no matter how much it hurts!

Like you, Matthew is in the home stretch, he recently finish phase 4 of 6 of his treatments, and is officially in school as a kindergartner.  He will begin his second to last treatment phase  this Tuesday, which will last for 67 days,  it will include 8 different chemo agents, some in pill form, some directly into his spine, some IV push and some I have to inject in his arm at home (which has to be the most traumatic experience for all of Team Ming.) Somewhere in April, Matthew will begin his last phase of treatment – the Maintenance phase which will last just shy of 3 years but will (with great hope) enable him to return to his regularly scheduled, fun filled, sometimes trouble making life of a 5 year old, that we are all looking forward to.

Through our journey, we have met other incredibly strong families who have endured stem cell transplants, relapses, and a myriad of medical and psychological difficulties as a result of blood diseases, which serves as a constant (sometimes frightful) reality check for us.

For these reasons, we as a team walk, we run, we hike, we bike, we tri. As a team we endure, we raise money and awareness and we don’t ever EVER quit! (There’s no crying in baseball and there’s no quitters on Team Ming!)
So when you hit that wall; remember Matthew, Doug, your personal connections to LLS and all those you run to honor. That energy and a little relentless forward motion (….and for some of you bacon, beer, wine or spirits) will get you to that finish line.

And, a few words from Matthew…

“I would like them to know that I love the team and thank you for running. And, I like the guy Randy.”

With great respect and appreciation, the Mingus Family.