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Skittles removes Twitter search from site

In late breaking news, Skittles has removed Twitter search from their web site and instead put Facebook as the #1 social network to apear when the site first loads. I would assume due to the number of Twitter users taking advantage of the fact that any mention of Skittles in Twitter would appear on their web site including positive and negative sentiments. The age old question of do you do post or pre-moderation.  In this case, they should of used the Twitte api, filtered the keywords, and displayed the appropriate content. Or just show a graph of the number of mentions instead of the actual keywords. What are your thoughts on this? Let me know.


Skittles Relying Upon Social Networks Chat the rainbow. Taste the Rainbow.

I’m confused by the Skittles marketing campaign. They first phase started out with a weird commercial that made absolutely no sense but hey I remembered it which is what they wanted, right?  Now the second phase is a social media marketing campaign which is all the buzz on twitter and blogs. Is it going to last 15 minutes and fade away?  We shall see. I firmly believe that viral starts offline first so I hope that the lepricons on the other end of the Skittles rainbow are spreading product to us little peons around the world. 

The corporate homepage has incorporated their YouTube channel, Flickr photos, Twitter search on the word “skittles”, and wikipedia entries on “skittles”. Interesting at first glance but here are my questions/issues:

  • How can you rely upon a social network without a failsafe? The way the Skittles page is designed the twitter search comes up in the background and it looks like they’re not using the api. What happens with Twitter downtime? Would there be a failwhale? Do they or their agency have an official relationship with Twitter?
  • Viralness starts offline first and then online.  Does Skittles have any offline campaign attached to this? Conversation gets started in the offline world when people try their product and then it gets transfered to the online world. Sure us social media folks can talk about their brand but will that just last 15 minutes? They need to extend the bull curve of conversation.

Add your comment below on what you think of this Skittles marketing campaign.