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New Video: Episode 4 of Social Media Marketing Hangout

Episode 4 was filmed yesterday and what a great conversation with our panelists. Joining me to talk about the latest in social media marketing were:

I brought up two topics to discuss: Twitter’s new header image and LinkedIn’s Company pages. We came to the conclusion that Twitter’s header image really doesn’t add value to small businesses but potentially the larger enterprises when combined with the enhanced profiles (apprx. $25K).  Second we spent time on LinkedIn’s Company Pages, new follower pages/content and endorsements.  Company pages was something that Erin wanted to know what are some tips to optimize engagement and eventually lead generation – our collective answer was content strategy. We all followed Sir Richard Branson and I had a question can follower content be shared across a company page and the answer was no unfortunately (LinkedIn if you are listening put this in the product roadmap).  Hope you enjoyed the conversation and stay tuned to the next hangout that you can join on October 17, 2012 and noon pacific.


Will Pepsi Increase Sales via Social Media?

spreading the word is a hard thing. How do you start the groundswell that people really believe in your cause and share the message with their contacts? Does it require money and a big advertising campaign and production fee?  It sure does in my experience from working in numerous marketing groups in the valley.  Questions for you reading this blog:

  • How much do you think Pepsi will spend on this year’s social media marketing campaign in comparison to their usual Superbowl campaign?
  • Do think consumer products like Pepsi can actually sell more via social media?
  • How can you measure that more people buy your product if it is an offline sale?
  • Can you name any other brands/products that have had a similar success or failure in a social media marketing campaign?


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My Top 3 Interactive Marketing Sites

My friend Sheryl asked me what sites do I follow for the latest in interactive/online/social media marketing. There are so many web sites and blogs out there but I picked the below ones based upon the case studies they share:

What other web sites or blogs do you recommend?


Video Interview Tips for Social Media Campaigns

Social media evangelists and/or those that are communicating with the public via online communities need to be trained appropriately on how to respond to questions from a public relations perspective.  Opening the flood gates on all your employees to take part in social media is probably not the best idea to start with especially at a medium to large company (1000+ people). They need to be trained and get familiar with how to engage in conversations in a honest, truthful method.

In doing video interviews for social media purposes here are some tips:

  • Write an outline of what you are going to talk about it (I assume those topics have been cleared by your PR team)
  • Make sure you are comfortable in answering questions in an impromptu way. If the interviewer asks you a question, you better know how to respond to it directly, honestly, and all within the same shot
  • Make sure with every video you do has a call to action – where do people go for more information? Make sure you know the web site url (or as Joe Biden would like to say the web site number, you know the ip address, right?..j/k 🙂 )
  • Keep it to 30-seconds to 3 minutes. If the video is longer split it up into a series.
  • Make sure the person you are interviewing is engaging and has a good, clear communication style. If you think people are going to fall asleep within 15 seconds of hearing him/her then coach him on how to change his style, tone, and facial gestures.
  • The video should be in one continuous shot. Why? You really want the viewers to feel like they are there interviewing the person and not being coached by the interviewee. Style should be a causal conversation.

That’s all for now. What do you think? Do you have any additional suggestions for video interviews that are being distributed online via communities & social networks?  Add a comment below.