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Will Pepsi Increase Sales via Social Media?

spreading the word is a hard thing. How do you start the groundswell that people really believe in your cause and share the message with their contacts? Does it require money and a big advertising campaign and production fee?  It sure does in my experience from working in numerous marketing groups in the valley.  Questions for you reading this blog:

  • How much do you think Pepsi will spend on this year’s social media marketing campaign in comparison to their usual Superbowl campaign?
  • Do think consumer products like Pepsi can actually sell more via social media?
  • How can you measure that more people buy your product if it is an offline sale?
  • Can you name any other brands/products that have had a similar success or failure in a social media marketing campaign?


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Social Media Seminar with Dell

I highly encourage you to attend this seminar to learn more about social media from Dell.


What: Brands Council Webinar
When: Thursday, August 27
Time: 12pm Pacific | 2pm Central | 3 pm Eastern
Register Now!
For brands & nonprofits only.

Featured Speaker:
Liana Frey, Director of Communities & Conversation, Dell
Dell has over two billion customer interactions each year. Liana Frey, Director of Communities and Conversations, will share Dell’s learnings over the past two years as the company has embraced social media. She will provide examples of how Dell is empowering its customers to share their stories and ideas. You’ll hear how social media is organized, measured and, most importantly, what could be of interest to your company in the journey to enable customers to walk the hallways of your company.