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New Hangout: Social Media Marketing Discussion on Wed Oct 3 Noon PT #socialmedia

Join me and other social strategists for a Google+ Hangout on Wednesday October 3, 2012 at noon pacific.

We’ll cover the below topics and your questions:
-Twitter’s new header images – why are they making a big deal of it? is it worth it?
-LinkedIn Company pages – share your company page and best practices
-Hootsuite’s new internal collaboration tools
-and anything else in the social media world

Watch the Hangout on AIR, join the conversation, and share your social media expertise and/or questions with the panelists at

FYI, if you are interested in being on the panel / Google+ Hangout, ping me at



White House Aims to Optimize Facebook & Twitter Efforts #socialmedia

Very interesting study via the White House. Did anybody participate in the survey? Did they use FB questions? How did they survey ppl on Twitter?

White House Aims to Optimize Facebook and Twitter Efforts –

Measuring Twitter’s Influence

So you got that Twitter account and people are following you (and you’re following @oprah just for the heck of it)..Great job! Now how are you suppose to use it for your business and your boss is asking “how do you measure Twitter’s influence on our company’s goals?” – good question boss.  Remember, Twitter is used by consumers to talk about what is going on in their life plus they use it as a search engine to find the latest trends/news/etc…

If you are interested in measuring your impact to the Twitter community take into account the following:

  • Impressions – how many times do people talk about your brand. count the # of mentions per week
  • Influencer impressions – how many times do people re-tweet and how many followers does each influencer have. This will show the reach that you have on Twitter.
  • # of active conversations – hopefully you are using Twitter as a two way conversation and responding to people that have questions
  • Average klout score of your followers – Klout is a way to measure your follower’s influence.

If you are interesting in measuring how Twitter impacts your bottom-line:

  • Determine the amount of traffic your website gets from Twitter
  • Determine an actual goal that they would do on your website, e.g. download software, and see if you can use some type of campaign tracker to see how many downloads come from Twitter. Google Analytics is a free tool and has some basic functionality for tracking campaigns.
  • Ask your yourself “How does Twitter impact my goals versus other channels?”. Twitter vs. Facebook vs. direct email vs. paid search.

Hope this gives you a better grasp of how to measure Twitter.  If at all, it plants the seed that you need to measure and not jump on the bandwagon.




Etnies Social Recruiting

One of the ways companies are getting desperate to recruit social followers is by emailing their opt-in members. Here is an email from a young and hip apparel company called Etnies (that I used to wear in my 20’s and early 30’s). How do you think the brand/logo police at Google, Facebook, and Twitter would react?

Etnies Social Networking Promo

@djksar on Twitter

Incorporating Social Into Your Webinar

In doing a few wbinars over the course of my career, I’ve noticed that it tends to be a closed communication between the host and the attendees.  Sure they get to ask questions but does the community of viewers engage with each other and do they have the necessary social tools and content to become evangelists of your products/services.  I’ve prepared the below presentation that will go over the following:

  • What is a webinar from wikipedia and what it should be
  • What a social webinar can be
  • Social opportunities
  • Integrating social into your webinar
  • Twitter sharing links
  • Facebook sharing links
  • LinkedIn sharing links
  • Example from Hubspot

If you have any questions/feedback/comments please tweet with the hashtag #socinar.


Speaking at Web 2.0 NYC

Web 2.0 Expo New York 2009

Hey everyone! Join me at Web 2.0 conference in New York City talking about community and social media at the below session.  Remember, to use webny09fos to receive a $100 discount or a FREE Expo Pass.

Real-Time Marketing: Operationalizing The Use of Social Media

Social media isn’t just for community managers anymore. The rise of Web 2.0 content and community is changing marketing operations – making marketers more efficient, customer-centric and prepared to make strategic decisions like product and service enhancements, feature prioritization, pricing and customer segmentation. And, the best part? It’s free and available in real-time so any size company with any size budget can leverage it.

Real-time marketing means understanding and responding to the movements of the market on both individual and strategic levels. This session will show you how to apply the instant, unprompted customer feedback from Web 2.0 to media buying, campaign optimization, creative development, customer community management, CRM, PR and promotions.

Hear from companies that are operationalizing their use of social media feedback as a source of strategic advantage, and walk away with 6 new ways to integrate real-time marketing practices into your organization.


Disney Online, James M Smith, Vice President, Advertising

Advertising effectiveness: Learn how Disney Online is quantifying ROI and effectiveness for its advertisers. James Smith is a pioneer in the fields of online and integrated media. Having launched media properties in the past decade in the US, Europe and Japan, James plays an instrumental role in the development of the online strategy. Focusing on all aspects of Disney online, James creates revenue streams outside of standard media through cutting edge branded entertainment products, large scale cross media programs & the development of a newly created ad network at Prior to joining Disney Online, James held executive roles at Nielsen & United Business Media and also spent time driving strategy in the social networking space as an executive at Leverage Software.

Motorola, Randy Ksar, Program Manager

Community management: Randy manages the social media strategy for MOTODEV which is Motorola’s developer program primarily focused on mobile devices and Motorola’s latest Android handsets. He is constantly listening and engaging with the MOTODEV community via blogs, discussion boards, and numerous social networks like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Previous to Motorola, Randy worked on viral marketing programs for Yahoo! and online marketing roles at Roxio, Handspring, and Sony Electronics. In his spare time, he volunteers for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society running marathons, cycling century rides and raising funds to find a cure for blood-related cancers. Tweet @djksar to contact Randy.

Nike, Ricky Engelberg, Director of Digital Marketing

Influencer marketing: Nike has always practiced influencer marketing- the art of finding and cultivating tastemakers (online and offline) that are influential within a community. Web 2.0 technologies and social networks have created new avenues for influence to move along. Hear how Nike is incorporating these phenomena into the design and execution of key marketing campaigns and programs, in the US and beyond.

Undercurrent, Aaron Dignan, Founding Partner

Integrated social media campaign management and measurement: Hear from Aaron how he and the Undercurrent team craft effective social media campaigns for the the world’s best brands and comprehensively measure their success. Aaaron Dignan joined the founding team of Undercurrent from a background in brand strategy and brand experience at Brandplay, a boutique agency he co-founded, and whose clients included Coors and Pepsi. Aaron manages Undercurrent’s New York office, where the team explores the future frontier of social interactive – where consumers rule, and brands aspire to contribute and enable the most connected generation in history. His blog (Surveyvivalist) uses targeted research to explore these same topics and issues. A charismatic speaker (alongside Undercurrent’s Josh Spear) for brands like McDonald’s, PepsiCo, Virgin, Leo Burnett, Columbia College, and the University of Colorado, Aaron’s thinking on the “born digital” consumer is highly sought after.

Moderating: Scout Labs, Jennifer Zeszut, Founder and CEO

Embed Your Social Feeds with

Follow live conversations from Twitter and Facebook on

Follow live conversations from Twitter and Facebook on

Interesting new social media widget from a new web site called, parent company is Glam Media.  Saw it first from a tweet sent to @motodev where the user created an event on the site that aggregated all the #mds09 tweets. What’s great in the product is that there is moderation available so when you post the twitter widget on your site you can feel safe in preventing certain users, bad words, and overall comfortable with posting a live public chat feed. Also, not only is the twitter feed included in the widget but your Facebook streams too (although not fan pages).  Anyways, check it out at, I think you will like it.

Here is a snapshot of their widget options:


Note: Currently as of 9/30/2009 the above were the only customization options. Especially annoying is the sizing options only allow for something more vertical than horizontal design. I tried changing the javascript code but got a File Not Found error when it was embedded in my page. Luckily, the company is open to feedback via their getsatisfaction board and a previous response mentioned they were working on providing more customizable options (message posted 4 months ago so not sure where that is within their product priorities).

Have you used this product? Would you find it useful for aggregating feeds on your web site? Any other solutions you know of?  Comment on the blog post below.

@djksar on Twitter