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Live Blogging #marchmadness with Blyve

I love March Madness and one of the ways I keep updated with all the games is on my smartphone and thru a variety of blogs. In working with Blyve, they have a platform for live blogging the basketball games. Whether you are a super-fan of your UCLA Bruins or a sports blogger for ESPN, I highly encourage you to look at Blyve for these reasons:

  • Live blog your own comments/observations + curate content from Twitter
  • Have your fans/followers/community comment on your stream and bring in special guest for doing a moderated, engaging Q&A
  • Promote your special offers, affiliate links, etc..within the live blog using Blyve’s ad platform.
  • Take advantage of the pay as you go pricing plan and pay for only the unique viewers that attend your event.

All the details and a free trial are on the Blyve blog post titled:  Live Blogging #marchmadness with Blyve.