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Tips on Doing Video Blogs

Here are some great tips on doing a video blog and creating engaging content. Post your comments below or reply on
P.S. I thought it would be funny to do a audio post about doing video on your blog.

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Reaching Brands via Your Blogs

New media sharing service called is hitting the social media scene pretty strong. You can upload audio, video, text, and photos from their web site and your mobile phone.  Plus, you can share it with your contacts that you’ve setup on their site.  Here is my first audio post about reaching brands via your blog.

Let me know what you think about Utterz and if you have had a similar blogging experience.


Utterz – Vote 08 Promotion

I’m loving Utterz’s promotion to engage users to show who they support in this year’s “crazy” Presidential campaign. All you do is go to, select the candidate that you like to support, call a # to leave a vmail or record directly via their web site. It showcases their content submission flow beautifully and spreads their brand via the widget that users can post on their blog and/or web site. Try it out by showing who you support this year! Is it Obama or Hillary? or Maybe you wish Nader was still in the running.

Utterz - Vote 08
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