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New Video: @djksar finishing the Victoria Marathon 10/10/10

My friend Wellington was at the finish line filming Team In Training runners and he got a great clip of me. Two things to notice:

  1. The announcer is talking about the 83 yr. old woman who I just passed. There was no way I was going to let her finish before me!
  2. I smiled at the end!

Remember, anyone can do a marathon. The journey is long but the day will be over and you’ll be back in bed or at the bar stool resting/re-hydrating!  My finish time was 4:54 which is 4 minutes short of my best time. However, my first marathon back in 2001 and in Victoria was 6:14 so quite a bit of improvement don’t you think?!? Anyways, ping me for any questions about marathoning, what type of training do I do, and personalized recommendations for yourself.