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Flickr Video (finally) launched!

My Island Oasis on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Flickr has finally added video! Hip hip hooray! Everybody pop the champagne bottles! Seriously this has taken so long that other video upload services have come out with tagging and community features so Flickr is already behind the times. Congrats to the team! However, you have some work to do on version 2.0.

Here are some issues/complaints/recommendations:

  • The embed code takes you to a whole new page to download it. Why can’t they design and code in a nifty ajax drop-down div with the code? Is really necessary to take me away from my video detail page?
  • Ability to post on other social networks? It has become standard now to have the share button that can post to your profile on any top social networks. Yes you can attach your blog to your Flickr account but that is so limiting. 
  • Why the limitation of 90 seconds and 150 MB?  Sometimes that can’t tell the whole story.  I really wanted to upload all my videos on Flickr but not going to happen now. 

Unfortunately, I can’t use the Flickr embed code on a hosted blog – doh!  I know..I know move my blog to a self-hosted solution and it will work.  Here is the link to my Flickr page with the video:

Comment below on your experience with Flickr and video. 

DJ Ksar


Video of Dirty Invites : Facebook App Invites vs. StumbleUpon

I did a short video recap of Facebook application invites flow (specifically StumbleUpon) verse StumbleUpon’s actual web site invite flow. Enjoy and add your comments below.

-DJ Ksar