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Social Media 2009 Predictions

Here are my social media predictions for 2009:

  • Metrics will be key as companies will need to see a ROI from social media. Smaller social media metrics companies will be bought out by companies like Omniture and maybe even Cisco to provide business with an end-to-end solution.
  • Executives in  all industries will understand the need to communicate with their customers at an individual level and will promote that within their company.
  • Video blogs will become increasingly popular with less fully-produced videos from companies. The faster the content gets posted the better. 
  • Social media communication tools at the enterprise will increase and be managed within a centralized marketing/pr team. Product managers will be able to respond to blog posts about their products and the lead social media pr/marketer within the company will be able to track that communication.

What are your social media predictions in 2009?

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Tips on Video Journalism from Larry Kramer, Founder

I’ve been researching how to make video content that is engaging and ran across this video on It is an interview with Larry Kramer, founder and he gives some insightful tips on what makes video journalism in it’s rawest format work for viewers. 

Randy Ksar
rksar at yahoo dot com