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Real-life Benefits of Ribbit for Salesforce

Ribbit for Salesforce

I’ve been testing out a brand new service from Ribbit called Ribbit for Salesforce that has awesome voice to text features, click to call via their web-based phone, and all using my existing AT&T Nokia n95.  Here are the cool features that I think you would enjoy:

  • Receive a text transcription of the vmail message that was left by my co-worker Don (especially helpful when I ignore his call and I can multi-task within my meeting)
  • If I am on a business trip and still want to take phone calls from my 408 number I just need to load up and take the calls via the Ribbit for Salesforce web phone. My mom doesn’t need to remember the country code to call me in Italy just my regular phone number. 
  • To keep track of all the voice mails from my client “A” in, I can just drill-down into that lead detail page and listen to the vmails and view the text transcription for the past few months — very useful!!
  • Say I’m at my house (which has notoriously bad cell phone signal) I can login to and take the phone call via the Ribbit for Salesforce web-phone 
Pretty darn helpful in terms of productivity!  It makes me think of when Apple announced their visual voicemail via AT&T — that was cool and revolutionary. Using Ribbit’s API developers can re-create that experience into whatever application they use. might be boring to non-sales folks but I tell you this first proof of concept of Ribbit’s voice platform and api usage will start a “plethora ” (that word just popped into my head) of embedded voice applications.  Check out the below video of Ribbit for Salesforce to see the cool features I mentioned above and leave a comment:


Randy Ksar

rksar at yahoo dot com


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Ribbit – the Silicon Valley’s first phone company

Ribbit Logo

An interesting new company called Ribbit – the Silicon Valley’s first phone company – has released a very cool product called amphibian that allows me to call a phone number within a web page and re-route my cell phone to their service.  Sure we’ve seen those customer support sites that say “enter your phone and we’ll call you right away” but Ribbit is different.  Here is a typical use case scenario:  I’m surfing my facebook account (which I do 24/7) and I get a phone call on my cell phone.  I don’t wait to talk on my cell phone and browse the net but instead use my computer’s microphone.  As I’m getting the call, the caller id’s info is brought up on the screen with their public social media history displayed so I can see what they’ve been up to (Flickr photos uploaded from their recent trip to Italy, e.g.).  The caller id social media part is fascinating and will probably make me take talk longer with the caller since now I have something actually to take about.  It also reminds me to be careful what I put up on the social media sites and label it public. With amphibian, you can receive calls as described previously but also you can make calls.  If you are a plaxo member your address book is tied in and allows for a quick search of your contacts.  One of the coolest feature is the voicemail to text conversion that occurs on every voicemail.  It allows me to view the text of a voicemail and search upon it.  So if I’m looking for the voicemail where Jerry talked about Microsoft I can easily find it just by searching by keyword.  Developer kits are available to incorporate their service into other social networks sites and the potential within Facebook or even within your corporate network is very viable.  Unfortunately, service is now in invite-only stage so I’ve only seen the demo on their site but it looks very promising.    Check it out at   Caller ID 2.0Caller ID Screen on amphibian by Ribbit   Messaging ScreenMessaging Screen on amphibian by Ribbit  -DJ Ksar