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Embed Your Social Feeds with

Follow live conversations from Twitter and Facebook on

Follow live conversations from Twitter and Facebook on

Interesting new social media widget from a new web site called, parent company is Glam Media.  Saw it first from a tweet sent to @motodev where the user created an event on the site that aggregated all the #mds09 tweets. What’s great in the product is that there is moderation available so when you post the twitter widget on your site you can feel safe in preventing certain users, bad words, and overall comfortable with posting a live public chat feed. Also, not only is the twitter feed included in the widget but your Facebook streams too (although not fan pages).  Anyways, check it out at, I think you will like it.

Here is a snapshot of their widget options:


Note: Currently as of 9/30/2009 the above were the only customization options. Especially annoying is the sizing options only allow for something more vertical than horizontal design. I tried changing the javascript code but got a File Not Found error when it was embedded in my page. Luckily, the company is open to feedback via their getsatisfaction board and a previous response mentioned they were working on providing more customizable options (message posted 4 months ago so not sure where that is within their product priorities).

Have you used this product? Would you find it useful for aggregating feeds on your web site? Any other solutions you know of?  Comment on the blog post below.

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Aggregate Your Brand’s Feeds with Netvibes

I’ve been trying to find a good way to aggregate all the public feeds for a particular brand and I came upon netvibes which easily allows me to import rss feeds and any other type of content that is public using their widget technology. I could of used myyahoo or igoggle but to my knowledge there isn’t a public non-password protected page that I can customize. Netvibes allows me to have a personalized private page and a public viewable page with whatever content that I can import via rss or any open source content. There are plenty of datasources accessible via their widget gallery such as adding your twitter feed or flickr feed. Here is a video demo (that I uploaded to – was the best flash 8 conversion of a .mov movie vs. viddler’s flash version which is what I usually use).

Have you used netvibes before? Let me know what widgets you have tried and found useful. Do you use any other type of service like this? Could Google Reader be used in this way? Post your comments below.


The Incredible Hulk…back again

Brand new Hulk movie comes out today in the U.S. and one of the main call to actions on the movie web site is “Get the Widget” which allows me to post the trailer on whatever social network that I’m engaged with. Unfortunately, on my hosted blog I can’t use their post service so instead below is the trailer I found on  In any case, movie studios are developing web sites that have downloads of images from the movie to be used for your desktop wallpaper or mobile phone, email signatures, icons for your messenger client, and now widgets (badges) to embed in your page.  The one on the Hulk site is courtesy of which has been getting a lot of press recently because of the ease-of-use and the ability to measure your widget’s effectiveness.  Check out the Hulk web site at   Thanks Stan Lee for creating this awesome comic strip! Can’t wait for the new movie and hope it is better than the first Ang Lee directed movie. 
 The Incredible Hulk Movie | Edward Norton, Liv Tyler & Tim Roth | NOW PLAYING


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Utterz – Vote 08 Promotion

I’m loving Utterz’s promotion to engage users to show who they support in this year’s “crazy” Presidential campaign. All you do is go to, select the candidate that you like to support, call a # to leave a vmail or record directly via their web site. It showcases their content submission flow beautifully and spreads their brand via the widget that users can post on their blog and/or web site. Try it out by showing who you support this year! Is it Obama or Hillary? or Maybe you wish Nader was still in the running.

Utterz - Vote 08
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