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New Yahoo! Mobile App (coming soon)

Yahoo! Mobile for smartphones

Taking a page out of Apple and their homescreen, Yahoo! announced at Mobile World Congress their new “experience” for iPhone, Blackberry, and other smartphone owners. Instead of Yahoo! being the destination point on your desktop then are now trying to be the portal on your mobile phone. It will include feeds from all your web sites plus data from your social networks in an area that they branded OnePlace. No product was available for download but the dates they have listed on the web site are March thru May 2009 depending on platform(the product managers must be hating that the dates are listed on the site). Also, Opera Mini comes bundled with the app so kudos for Opera for scoring that deal.

Questions I have:

  • Will this replace the iPhone home screen? Is it just another app that you still need to click on?
  • Is this Java-based? I assume it is. 
  • If my main accounts are on Google will this product be worth it? Sometimes I can’t stand Yahoo! building apps to force me to use their service. They are getting better at openness though so we’ll see. 

What questions do you have? Make a comment on this blog post. 


Yahoo! layoffs (again) on Dec. 10, 2008

Valleywag and bunch of friends on Twitter and Facebook are reporting layoffs are happening right now (Dec. 10, 2008 at 11:00am). Very sad to see this happening again. Heard rumors of layoffs within the Brickhouse group in SF, Flickr, and brand marketing. Search for yahoo on twitter to see what is happening. Also, click here to view the email from Jerry Yang sent to all the Yahoo! employees.

If you know of anybody hiring in the SF Bay Area for people from Yahoo! let me know and I’ll put you in contact with them. 


What are you thankful for in 2008?

It’s been an amazing year: being laid-off in Feb. from Yahoo!, new job at Motorola, engaged to the love of my life, uncle to a beautiful niece, and healthy. What are you thankful for? Let me know. Post a comment here.

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Flickr’s Redesign Screencast Longer than 90 secs

Flickr opened up the flood-gates to their redesigned personalized homepage. Now you can get quicker access to your recent uploaded photos, recent activity on your photos and one’s you’ve commented on, and statistics. Not necessarily ground-breaking but more of a re-shuffling of content. One funny thing is they did a screencast of the new features using Camtasia Studio and it was longer than 90 seconds so they couldn’t use their own video player.  It launches a new window and the video is a little over 2 minutes long. Why aren’t they eating their own dog food or at least using Yahoo! Video’s video player? hmm..Oh well. Congrats to Flickr on their minor redesign. I hope features like people tagging get implemented. Who is the product manager over there?

Welcome to your new Home Page « Flickr Blog


Washington Royal Rumble: Google & Yahoo! vs. Microsoft &

One of the deals that Yahoo! reached in the past few months was to use Google ads on their web site to potentially earn more revenue than they could with their own search marketing product. They did a trial run earlier in the year and apparently it went so well they wanted to make an even bigger deal. Well the moment this story went public senate hearings started happening on antitrust issues and how this deal and integration will raise the advertising costs. Microsoft is of course one of the strongest opponents of this deal in saying that Google and Yahoo! control 90% of the search advertising business. They believe it is a monopoly which is funny because now they are on the other side of the antitrust issue. This past week the Senate hearings occurred and all the following big guns were in Washington voicing their opinion (each name links to their statements):

David Drummond
Michael Callahan
Brad Smith
Matthew Crowley
Tim Carter

Here is a video interview by Kara Swisher at AllThingsDigital, a Wall Street Journal publication, of Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft lawyers impression on the hearings:

My personal opinion is that this deal is win-win situation for advertisers as well as publishers. Creating a standard, open platform for publishers to choose where their advertising goes is beneficial to the industry. My hope is when I do my ad buys on Google AdWords, I can do placement targeting and choose Yahoo!’s web site as one where I want to place my ads. Otherwise, I would have to have two separate budgets for Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing. Why not create a platform that is beneficial to the users? Let me know your thoughts by adding a comment to this blog entry.

P.S. I’m cycling 100 miles on September 28, 2008 in Honolulu, Hawaii to support cancer research and patients like my teammate Gene who is a 4-year survivor. Make a 100% tax-deductible donation today to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society at – New Social Network from eBay

My contact over at eBay GivingWorks pinged me this recently launched blog and social network called whatgives?!

What Gives!?

Each blog entry is tied into an eBay GivingWorks (non-profit division of eBay to support non-profits raise funds on eBay) auction with the accompanying badge code, send to a friend functionality and the “add to” Delicious (a Yahoo! company), StumbleUpon (an eBay company), Digg, Reddit, Furl, Yahoo! and Facebook links. The site encourages members to comment on each entry and allows you to create a profile that showcases which non-profits you believe in. The profile can also include 5 photos of themselves, a short bio, and links to blogs and other public profiles on the web.

One huge set-back to this site is the ability to connect with other members with similar charity interests. How am I suppose to find other members who support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society or Boys and Girls Club? The “socialize” page (shown below) was an attempt by eBay but the only thing you can do there is search by name and location. Once you get the results the three columns of content displayed are name, location, and # of comments. Not a useful feature and really not too much thought put into the social aspect of the site. It’s a shame that eBay put all this effort into helping non-profits and executed poorly

What Gives!? - Socalize Page 

Try the site out and let me know your thoughts by adding a comment below.


DJ Ksar, Jessica Alba, and Sharing was just announced last week and is a site for creating online competitions via video, photo, or simple text. One scenario I thought of since it is the start of the baseball season let’s have a competition of who can mimic their favorite baseball pitcher. From the mound habits, their stance, and the eventual throw every pitcher has a habit that they do for every pitch. What comes to my mind is Hall-of-Famer Dennis Eckersley with his side-arm pitch! Remember that? Unforgettable at least if you are a A’s baseball fan! Anyways, that is an example that I thought of and will challenge you later on in April, when the season officially starts.

To launch, the company created a video competition on their site titled Best Group Lip Dub. Who out there can do the best lip sync to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” or perhaps Britney Spears’ “I did it again”? Pick any song, grab a couple of friends and upload your video to their site. Unfortunately, no prizes were/are involved, is assuming that you just want all the glory of winning the competition voted on by their users. To get the competition kick-started, all their employees and a certain preggers celebrity named Jessica Alba did a group dub to the Panic of the Disco song “Nine in the Afternoon”. Check out the very entertaining (and catchy) video below:

The site is version 0.1 and in my mind still needs some UI tweaking especially with the sharing functionality of the site. I wanted to share the video on my Facebook page but there was no way to do it plus when I clicked on my share Facebook bookmark (within my browser) it didn’t recognize the page as having a video. Even if you are starting your own video social network site you got to have the functionality of sharing on other networks. The only share functionality that is on the video detail page is a button below the video jammed in with 6 other buttons (refer to image below in the next paragraph). The sharing moment for the user should come right after they watch it within the video player.

Here is a snapshot of video detail page for the Jessica Alba video with the orange highlight box being the video player and top buttons in addition to the blue highlight being the one share button. Note the share button is not displayed after the user watches the video. I understand their main goal is get people to “compete” and upload videos but when your company is first starting and needs to spread their reach, off-network sharing functionality is key.

ibeatyou competition | Best Group Lip Dub
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Check out the difference in Yahoo! Video on one of my video detail pages:

San Jazz Festival 2007 main stage on Sunday on Yahoo! Video
Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

Check out‘s video detail page with the share buttons highlighted in blue. Also, note the copy treatment is different here with: Email This, Get Link, and Embed This while other sites just have the copy: Share This, Share It or Share.

The SEO Rapper - Uploaded by ijustine
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And finally here is YouTube‘s sharing functionality highlighted:

YouTube - Zen with Frederick Big Eyes
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Let me know your comments on, Jessica Alba’s appearance in the video, and sharing functionalities on video upload web sites. BTW, snapshots are provided by a cool new Mac tool called Skitch – check it out at

-DJ Ksar