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Return of the Ducks and why I never had that excitement at my college

I went to San Jose State University and never got excited about the sports teams there especially football. The football team was actually in my speech class and that was always entertaining. However, never went once to a football game and I think the only sports team I ever saw was the soccer team which was ranked #2 in the nation at the time (1998-99). Other division 1 football schools such as Oregon have an amazingly enthusiastic fan base as seen from the video below and actually got me psyced up to drive up to Oregon but it didn’t fit in my schedule.

Watch the video below which I know will go viral soon. I started seeing it at 300 views but by the time Monday comes around I believe it will be above 25K.

Question for all of you, do you think social media is a great way to increase your fan base at college sports? Have you seen other schools do a good job of using social media to get students and alum excited about the football or whatever sport team? Comment below. Look forward to the discussion.

Etnies Social Recruiting

One of the ways companies are getting desperate to recruit social followers is by emailing their opt-in members. Here is an email from a young and hip apparel company called Etnies (that I used to wear in my 20’s and early 30’s). How do you think the brand/logo police at Google, Facebook, and Twitter would react?

Etnies Social Networking Promo

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Video Interview Tips for Social Media Campaigns

Social media evangelists and/or those that are communicating with the public via online communities need to be trained appropriately on how to respond to questions from a public relations perspective.  Opening the flood gates on all your employees to take part in social media is probably not the best idea to start with especially at a medium to large company (1000+ people). They need to be trained and get familiar with how to engage in conversations in a honest, truthful method.

In doing video interviews for social media purposes here are some tips:

  • Write an outline of what you are going to talk about it (I assume those topics have been cleared by your PR team)
  • Make sure you are comfortable in answering questions in an impromptu way. If the interviewer asks you a question, you better know how to respond to it directly, honestly, and all within the same shot
  • Make sure with every video you do has a call to action – where do people go for more information? Make sure you know the web site url (or as Joe Biden would like to say the web site number, you know the ip address, right?..j/k 🙂 )
  • Keep it to 30-seconds to 3 minutes. If the video is longer split it up into a series.
  • Make sure the person you are interviewing is engaging and has a good, clear communication style. If you think people are going to fall asleep within 15 seconds of hearing him/her then coach him on how to change his style, tone, and facial gestures.
  • The video should be in one continuous shot. Why? You really want the viewers to feel like they are there interviewing the person and not being coached by the interviewee. Style should be a causal conversation.

That’s all for now. What do you think? Do you have any additional suggestions for video interviews that are being distributed online via communities & social networks?  Add a comment below.


Skittles Relying Upon Social Networks Chat the rainbow. Taste the Rainbow.

I’m confused by the Skittles marketing campaign. They first phase started out with a weird commercial that made absolutely no sense but hey I remembered it which is what they wanted, right?  Now the second phase is a social media marketing campaign which is all the buzz on twitter and blogs. Is it going to last 15 minutes and fade away?  We shall see. I firmly believe that viral starts offline first so I hope that the lepricons on the other end of the Skittles rainbow are spreading product to us little peons around the world. 

The corporate homepage has incorporated their YouTube channel, Flickr photos, Twitter search on the word “skittles”, and wikipedia entries on “skittles”. Interesting at first glance but here are my questions/issues:

  • How can you rely upon a social network without a failsafe? The way the Skittles page is designed the twitter search comes up in the background and it looks like they’re not using the api. What happens with Twitter downtime? Would there be a failwhale? Do they or their agency have an official relationship with Twitter?
  • Viralness starts offline first and then online.  Does Skittles have any offline campaign attached to this? Conversation gets started in the offline world when people try their product and then it gets transfered to the online world. Sure us social media folks can talk about their brand but will that just last 15 minutes? They need to extend the bull curve of conversation.

Add your comment below on what you think of this Skittles marketing campaign.


Facebook Removing Videos w/ Copyright Content

Facebook is removing videos with copyright content such as videos and background music.  Just this week, a video I created when my family and I cut down the xmas tree in 2008 (uploaded Dec. 29, 2008) got removed proactively due to the Feliz Navidad song I used for background music. I’ve seen YouTube do that before and some sites that just remove the audio track depending on what part of the video has the copyright material. You must acknowledge the message or file a counter if you think they are incorrect.

Here is a snapshot of the message I received when I logged into Facebook today (also received it via email):

Facebook | Home

Has this happened to you?  What do you think Facebook should do since I assume they are getting told by the music companies? Add a comment below. Thanks and have a great week.

Randy Ksar
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YouTube adds “Theater View” & “Turn Lights Off”

Similar to Hulu and Fancast, Youtube has now released a Theater View & Turn Lights Off version of each page. Really cool ajax integration that allows you to focus more on the video instead of the rest of the navigation and text on the page. Here are a couple of screenshots with highlights on the buttons.  BTW, the below video I was watching was a really cool Musicians@Google video series with OK GO band member Andy Ross who talked about his new music/band and the success that OK GO had on YouTube with their videos and user-generated contests. Check it out at


YouTube Theater View



The new secretary of video: YouTube.


the President-elect Obama is one of the first presidents to use social media to recruit new voters and reach a whole new audience that never cared about the legislative process and government. Now every week he is going to be doing a weekly video address which is in-combination with the Presidential radio address. President Bush does a weekly address already and publishes it to iTunes but who really listens to it. Is video the solution to make it more engaging for the American public and for them to really voice their opinion? This is very interesting times on how communication occurs. What do you think of this? Do you think video is the solution to making more people involved and feeling like their President cares for them?

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