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Sears using bloggers at #CES to gain consumer tech influence

If u don’t have the experts then hire out. That is what Sears is doing this 2011 CES to gain credability with consumers that they are a trusted resource for consumer electronics. Now hopefully this is a longer term strategy to bring more ppl to and/or the store. In terms of using external bloggers this is genius because Sears can expand their brand to a network of ppl that aren’t familiar, needs to get reaquainted, or haven’t  purchased from Sears. Another promo option that they probably had was to send their own staff to CES but they don’t have a huge social following as this external blog crew does.

As far as my experience with the Sears brand, I bought my washer and dryer before from Sears but never any consumer electronics. How about you? What do u think of the Sears brand when it comes to consumer electronics? Comment below.

This blog post got started when I was using the Pulse Android app on my DROID 2 Global and read this:
Sears Recruits ‘Blue Blogger Crew’ for CES –

Video: Interview with Lawyer Linsey Krolik, BlogHer 2008 Speaker

I met up with my friend Linsey Krolik who is speaking this week at BlogHer talking about legal issues/liabilities that bloggers may face and need to be aware. I first met Linsey back in 2001 when she was an honoree (cancer survivor) and fellow runner when I trained for my first marathon in Victoria, BC, Canada with Team In Training. These days she has her own successful business, Law Offices of Linsey Krolik, consulting to high-tech companies in the valley and recently helping bloggers understand the potential legal issues they may face. She is a blogger herself for Silicon Valley Mom’s and has great advice for the blogging community. Watch the video to learn more about Linsey and her upcoming talk at BlogHer this Friday July 18th.

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A Yahoo! company called MyBlogLog helps companies create a social network around the viewership/readership of your web site and/or blog. If you think about it the people that view your web site probably have the same interests and why not create a social network around that. Those viewers/readers should be given the ability to network with each other. MyBlogLog similiar to technorati allows you to claim your blog and create a profile page where it shows the users (fans on Technorati and readers on MyBlogLog) coming to your blog. No more as a blogger are you looking at traffic numbers such as unique users but actually users that you can communicate with.Check out the badge on right of this page which shows the most recent readers of this blog. Small piece of code that you can get from MyBlogLog. One down-side to this badge is it is not customizable unlike other badges that are being produced these days.To view my public profile on MyBlogLog go to MyBlogLog SnapshotBookmark and Share